The Balloon Keeper

This is a story about blue balloons. One day, a balloon seller came near my house and I told my mother to buy it. The balloon seller said, “One balloon is one rupee.” Then my mother bought it. The next day also. After some time, both the balloons were becoming too small. I blew them because they were becoming small. Then I bought two blue balloons from the shop and I blew them. I played with them joyfully and put water in the balloon. I took care of the balloon like it was a baby.

My brother threw them out in the night and the next day they were not there. He did not want me to know that he had thrown the balloons. Then I asked my friends and best friends. No one told me the truth even though they knew that the balloons had been thrown. But I searched with my friends. We did not get it anywhere. So I thought and told my friends that someone has thrown the balloon. I searched for the person who has thrown the balloons and my friends and I found out who had thrown the balloons. After some time I thought it was my brother and then my friends told me that it could be my brother.

I went to my brother and asked, “Have you thrown my balloons?” He said “No, I don’t know about the balloons.” Then I thought something was wrong. I went to my friends and said, “I got the information that my brother has thrown the balloons.” Then I searched for where my brother threw the balloons. He had hidden the balloons in a small house. He had hidden so many peoples’ balloons. I got that he likes balloons. Then I burst all the balloons with a pin and I enjoyed. But my brother doesn’t know that I have burst all the balloons. He went to the house and he saw all the balloons had been burst.

Written by Nikith, STD III.


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