The Wandering Child

Most of the time people wander outside. But there are many reasons why children wander. Here is a story about a girl who got lost in a forest and loved to wander after that.

Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Pragna. She loved to wander outside whether tired or not, whether ill or not. One day, her parents went to Lake District in the UK for some reason. Pragna was left alone in her house. She was bored and was feeling lonely. So she decided to wander outside for a day.

When she was wandering, she found a large forest in front of her. She did not know the forest so she entered it. Many people got lost in the forest. The same thing happened to Pragna. She did not know what to do. After dark, she placed branches of trees in one place and lit up a fire by rubbing stones together.

At last, she saw a dog with a belt. From the belt she got to know that the dog was trained. She followed the dog. The dog led her to the village. She told her parents the story and they were happy.

Written by Akash, STD VI. 


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