Treasure Map

Once upon a time, in a town, there lived three children named Milind, Samarth and Sahil. They were very good friends. One day, Samarth saw a paper lying on the ground. He took it and showed it to his friend. Milind said, ‘Wow, this is a treasure map!’

Hearing this there came a boy. Sahil asked ‘What is your name?’ The boy said ‘My name is Raghav. What is your name?’ Milind introduced his friends. Raghav said, ‘This is my treasure map’. Sahil said ‘Let’s go on an adventure!’ Raghav said ‘Ok, let’s go on an adventure tomorrow.’ All went to their house with excitement. Next day, they were ready to go on an adventure.

They came to a park and Milind said ‘Are you all ready to go on an adventure?’ All replied “yes!’ Raghav said ‘To take the treasure we should suffer three risky places. They are the deepest river, a dense forest and a huge mountain’. All walked to the deepest river. They reached the river and they were not getting how to cross the river. Milind saw stones lying on the water and he said, ‘Friends lets jump on the stones and cross the river. Samarth was scared to jump on the stones but he did so. When they were jumping on stones, Samarth accidentally fell into water. He screamed for help! Sahil was a magician. He moved is hands up. Samarth came out of the water and sat on the land. All of them came there. All got to know how powerful Sahil is. Raghav said ‘Yes, we crossed the deepest river. Then we should go to the dense forest.’

All were walking towards the dense forest. They were scared to go inside the forest but they went inside. When they were walking, they saw a lion. Everyone was scared but Milind was not because he had a power that could make any animal his friend. He was nervous but he made the lion a friend of them. Raghav said ‘Oh! We are very near to the treasure!’

All were happily going to the Mountain. They reached and saw there were two mountains in one place. Raghav saw the map and got that the treasure is on the right mountain. All were climbing the mountain and suddenly Milind fell down. When he was falling a lion helped him and he was very happy that he was safe. Samarth reached the top. He opened the box and said ‘Wow, there are so many things! But I will not be greedy.’ He distributed the treasure and everyone was happy to receive it. All told this adventure to their parents and they were happy about them.

Written by Raghav, STD III. 


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