A Selfish Girl

One day one girl named Dhivya was playing with her friends. She would cheat and win the game. She was not sharing her things. She was not helping her friends. One day she was playing on the swing. One boy came and asked, ‘Can I play for some time?’ She said ‘No you can’t play.’ The boy said, ‘Why can’t I play?’ ‘Because I love playing on the swing.’ The next day when she was playing with her friends, they said, ‘No. You don’t come to play with us.’ ‘Why can’t I come to play?’ Her friends said, ‘You will not share or help.’

Day by day everybody started hating her. She asked her mother, ‘Why is everybody hating me?’ Her mother told her ‘Be kind and helpful. If you do all these things everybody will like you again.’ Dhivya said ‘Ok mom.’ She started doing these things and everyday she was happy.


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