Part I – The Powers of Powerland

(This is the first episode in a series devised by Suhas)

Once there lived a child named Red as he always wore red clothes. He lived on an island named Powerland, as every child had a special power. There were only seven or eight children on the island. Red was one of them. He was wandering as he lost his parents. He had no work. There was no school on that island. He had no friends. He was feeling lonely.

He was wandering and one fine day he saw a child named Speedo who was as fast as sound. That was his power. Red said ‘Hi what’s your name?’ Speedo said ‘ My name is Speedo. What’s your name?’ Asked Speedo. Red said ‘ My name is Red. Nice to meet you.’ My power is that I can make buildings fall with my shout’. Speedo said ‘I have a friend named Bomb. I can introduce him to you’. Then they went to Bomb’s house. There, even Bomb and Red were introduced. Bomb’s power was that he could explode if he was angry. They would find the other children and make a group to protect the island.

Then one fine day, there was a ship coming from the north. In that ship came the monkeys. They were bad. Red did not like this. They interfered in every thing. Then one day, the monkeys kidnapped everyone except the children (Red, Speedo and Bomb).They went on the ship to Monkland. They carried jetpacks to attack the monkeys and rescue the people.

Some monkeys escaped and went to another island called Dragonland. Red, Bomb and Speedo’s work was not over.

To be continued…..

Written by Suhas, STD VI.


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