The Secret Princess

In a peaceful and calm village, called Kittur stood a house which was so beautiful to look at. In that house lived a father, mother and a girl named Gayathri. She was so cute and was eleven years old. She liked to wander anywhere, anytime.

           Once when she was wandering beside a lake near her house, she saw something sparkling at a distance. Her sharp eyes tried to look at it but she could see only sparkling blue. It was dusk so she went home, but the curiosity was running deliciously in her mind. Was it a crown? Or a diamond? Or anything else? The next day she woke up early in the morning to take a walk along the path which led to that sparkling thing’s place. When she was walking, there was a gust of wind. She never thought that it was cold out there. But she managed to get herself to that place. When she got there, to her great astonishment, there was a diamond crown with its princess’s dress. Gayathri wondered whether there was somebody there. But she found no one. Then, to Gayathri’s astonishment, the forest grew suddenly! She was now frightened about why it was happening. She took the dress and the crown hiding in the dress. She ran as fast as a cheetah!

               She ran to her home and into her room. She wore that dress and it suited her perfectly. She wondered how it suited her. Then she wore the crown and something happened. There was a magic wand in her hand and she was a true princess now! She had every quality that a princess had. She went downstairs to explain to her dad and mom. She yelled “Ma! Ma! Where are you? Dad are you in there?”

                     Her parents came rushing out. They hit each other and hurried to their child. To their astonishment they found an unknown girl calling them Ma, Dad. They asked her, ‘Who are you?’ The unknown girl said ‘I am your child! Don’t you see me’? Her parents could not recognize that it was Gayathri. Then she explained each and every thing. Her parents listened to this in astonishment. Then they explained that it is true that Gayathri is a princess. They had to be the king and the queen but as the generation moved, they could not be the king and queen. Hearing this Gayathri, at first did not understand and she said ‘Ma, dad, why didn’t you tell me about this?’ They said that it was difficult to explain it to her at this time and they decided to tell her next year! The place found The place she found the dress was supposed to be the palace.

                       Thereafter, the wandering child, Gayathri, wandered to discover new things and lived happily. She was glad that the things were alright because of her wandering and the secret was not a secret in her family anymore. It was a secret when it came to people outside her house, to the people of the village. She was a girl who was liked by everyone in the world!

Written by Gayathri, STD VI.


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