Limitless Space I

(This is episode I in this series.)

Have you imagined you making a machine which is excellent and which comes well? No? Then here is a story where a boy tries to make a spacecraft which goes anywhere in space.

The characters are Anil, the boy, Prakash, the father, Sujatha, his mother, Usha, his grandmother and his friends

Once upon a time there lived a boy named Anil. He dreamt about being a scientist. One day, his grandmother and him were stargazing. He saw something flying in the sky. He asked his grandmother, ‘What is that thing flying in the sky grandma?’ His grandmother said, ‘That is a comet, a rock from space.’ ‘What is space grandma?’ he asked. She said ‘Space is a huge creation of the gods, but no one has seen it completely.’ Then she said, ‘Son when you grow up, invent a machine that will take people to space and make them think about more things. After you invent it I will be there to see it from the sky.’ He was confused.

After some years, his grandmother died. When she died Anil understood what she meant. Anil decided to make a machine which can go out of Earth and into space. When Anil went to school and told his friends about his dream, they started laughing. ‘You? Going out of Earth and into space? Its impossible! First you try to go out of the country and then you can go to space.’ But Anil did not cry nor was he sad. He told himself, ‘I won’t do it now. When I grow up, I will do it then and show off to my friends that I can go out of the country and I can go to space’.

Written by Nithyananda, STD VII. 


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