My Time in My School

Friends are the most important and precious people in our lives. We have all the liberty to make friends. We can make friends anywhere in the world. We look for friends so that we don’t feel lonely in this world. When we are with our friends, if we don’t talk to each other, then having a friend itself is waste. So for that we talk with them and share our feelings. Then they also feel like sharing their feelings and they do it. Here is a true story about one girl having many friends and has one or the other problem.

I was studying in class 5. It was new to me since I changed my school from __________ school to The South School. The South School was my best school with best teachers, best helpers and best friends. I was the only girl in our class. So I felt shy to make friends with the boys, since the teachers in my other school taught me to be friends with the same gendered students.

One day, in the lunch break I saw a girl, really chubby and pink. Her name is Pragna and she studied in class 4. She sat with me that day. We introduced ourselves to each other and became friends. She started sharing her secrets with me. I found that all her secrets were about friendship and things that happen in her home. I also started sharing my secrets about my old school, happenings in home and friendship. Both of us had similar kinds of problems.

We trusted each other more than our parents. She started marking my words and started doing what I told her. I never wanted to rule her, so I just gave her tips about her behaviour. We exchanged opinions about each other and gave each other many challenges like not laughing, not talking and many other things. I love her the most. Each of us hopes to be with each other always.

You see all friends share each other’s feelings. Why?

One person has lots and lots of feelings and doesn’t know whom to share it with. At this moment is where we go to make friends and share it with them. They sometimes give us ideas about how to face the situation. This is what I learnt by being friends with Pragna. I have faced hard things which have become easier than before.

I hope you liked my life story in 5th standard. However there is another friend of mine who was very naughty. I will tell you next time.

Written by Shalini, STD VII.


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