The Adventure of Rohan and the Magical Watch

Once, there lived a boy called Rohan. Both his parents were working. His parents came home at 10:30 pm. By the time they came home, Rohan was asleep. He was a brilliant student. He was average in sports. His friends called him a book worm and teased him.

One day when Rohan was walking back home he saw a strange mechanical device. He picked it up and put it in his pocket. When he reached home he thought about what that device was. He then suddenly glanced at a button. When he tried to look at it again, he heard his friends call him to play.

After he came back home, he pressed the button on the device. He heard someone speaking in a gruff voice. To his astonishment they were the street dogs! They were quarrelling with each other. One said that I can talk to the plants.

Rohan thought, ‘If I can hear animals, then I should  also be able to hear plants.’ He went into his garden. All the plants were shouting ‘I want water, I want water.’

Rohan felt pity and put water for the plants. Then after some days he had summer holidays. He was talking to the plants everyday. However, his mother was looking for the charger of the laptop. She dropped the device while searching. It fell on a brick and broke. All the powers Rohan had got, he lost them.

Rohan felt sad. He learnt that plants and animals have feelings of their own. He decided not to hurt them and take good care of them in the future.

Written by Srihith, STD VI. 



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