The Dark Bungalow

There was a bungalow in Africa. Many people were scared to go inside the bungalow. One day a boy was going near the bungalow. He saw it. He went home and told his mother, ‘Mom, I saw a bungalow!’ His mother said ‘Okay you saw a bungalow. Wow.’ He said, ‘We can go to the bungalow on Sunday.’ His mother said ‘Yes, we can.’ The boy thought, I will tell my father to go to the bungalow too. His father agreed!

One day passed and it was Sunday. They went to the bungalow. They opened the gate. One old man said ‘No! You should not go inside the bungalow!’ They did not listen to what the old man said because they were very impatient to go inside. They opened the door. They went inside the bungalow. It was dinner time. They sat on the doorstep of the bungalow.

Suddenly, they heard a moaning sound. They were very scared. They ran quickly to the door. But the door was closed. They tried to open the door but the door did not open. After a few hours, the door opened.

They went to the police station and said to the police that there is a ghost inside the bungalow. They went back to the bungalow but there was no old man. They were surprised and they told the police that an old man was there. They police said don’t tell lies and went away. The family also went home.

A few days passed and they were thinking about the bungalow. They went to the bungalow and saw that the old man had died. They were very scared. They went inside the bungalow. They saw the ghost and felt very scared. They ran quickly to the door but the door closed again. After a few minutes, the ghost took the youngest child and killed him. They tried and called for the old man. The old man said to the ghost, ‘You go from here.’ The ghost said ‘Yes, I will go from here.’  The old man asked the ghost ‘Why did you kill the boy?’ The ghost said, ‘Because he was my friend. I was sitting near the doorstep and he came and hit me. That is why I killed him.’

The family went away and were very sad about this. After a few days, people in Africa asked them, ‘What did you learn from this problem?’ They said ‘We learnt that we should listen to old people’s advise.’

Written by Ganesh, STD III. 


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