A True Story

Once upon a time Raghav, Milind, Koushtbh and I were very brave in our actions. We planned a trip to Hyderabad for twenty days to see all the places around. Nipun and Dhimanth asked us how we were going to travel. I said that we were going by car. I asked them whether they would join us. We said it was a scary place. The next day we got ready to go to Hyderabad. I asked them again whether they would join us. They said no. Then we went inside the car and sat on the seats.

The next day we reached Hyderabad. We looked for a house in an apartment complex. Then we went to a restaurant. I had some idly and vada, Milind had masala dosa and Raghav had palav. Then we went to take a nap in the house. The apartment’s name was Sri Krishna Sagar. Our flat number was #202. We went to a circus show the next day. The jokers made smart jokes and made us laugh. Then we went to the restaurant to have some juice. After having some juice we went to our flat and took a nap for two hours.

Then Nipun and Dhimanth called us and informed that they arrived in Hyderabad and said that they meet us by 6:30 pm. Dhimanth and Nipun knocked on the flat number #302. I called Nipun and Dhimanth and asked them where they were. They said that they were in the apartment. I asked them which apartment it was. They said that it was Sri Krishna Sagar apartment. I asked which flat they were in. They said it was #302. I cautioned them that it was #202 and not #302. When they knocked on the door no one opened it so, they opened it by themselves and went in. They found no one there so they went back to the correct flat #202. We had our dinner and went to sleep. I watched pro-kabbadi and then went to sleep.

The next day we went to a bird sanctuary. After that we had our breakfast. After a while we went to look at some plants. After looking at the plants it was time up to have our lunch. we had our lunch and went to a zoo where we saw different animals like lion, tiger and monkeys etc.. We had our dinner in the restaurant. When it was around midnight, 12:30 am, we went to the apartment and then to our flat. Somebody knocked from inside the flat before I opened. Just to test, I knocked from outside. They again knocked from inside. I opened the door. Then we saw and nothing was in there. Each of us opened every door and checked. After a while Dhimanth screamed loudly. When we went there we found Dhimanth crying.

The next day we went inside the flat exactly at 12:30 am. We opened the bed room door with knives in our hands and killed the ghost when it came out. From that day my friends and I lived happily in Bangalore after returning from Hyderabad.

Written by Samarth, STD III.


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