Julien and Osticrive

Once, a great king named Julian lived in England. He was very generous to everybody in England. It was the time for him to get married. He then remembered that he had been in love with one of his classmates when he was young. Her name was Osticrive.

Osticrive was a very kind, clever and strong woman. She also was in love with Julian, so they married each other.

Now, she willing to go to the clouds, she never could. She told Julian to take her to the clouds. He agreed. He asked every single person in his kingdom about how to go to the clouds. But, no one knew.

He met a Rushi, who gave him a robot and said “This robot will help you to go to the clouds”. Julian was very happy. He thanked the Rushi and told Osticrive about it. They were really happy.

They asked the robot to help them go to the clouds. The robot took out a gadget named “THINGS MAKER” from its pouch. The robot asked it “Make a staircase that reach till the clouds”. The staircase appeared in front of them. They went up the stairs and saw the clouds.

The robot asked the “THINGS MAKER” to make a soft type of land on the clouds, it made. The land was very soft. The robot ordered, “Make nice and soft seats for Julian and Osticrive.” The gadget did this and made them happy. They thanked the robot and sat on the seats. The seats were very soft.

They named the place “Heaven.” Suddenly the gods came to that spot. One of the gods, Garuda asked” Julian, can you give this land to us and make another land. We are looking for a place to live because the demons have captured the place where we lived called Mount Kailash.” Julian said “Yes.” The gods were very happy.

Suddenly, Osticrive had a heart attack and died. Julian was very sad. Lord Vishnu gave life to Osticrive again. Julian thanked him.

With the help of the robot, they made another land and lived there happily.

This is the secret of how heaven was formed!

Written by Milind, STD III.


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