Plants and Animals

Once upon a time there was a father named Suresh and mother named Girija. They both were very understanding to everyone and each other. They would help each other and everyone.

Soon they had a child. He was a male child. The child could not sleep well in the city. So their parents changed the house to a pleasant and cool forest area. Then the child slept well.

They thought about the name of the child. They named him Kiran. Suresh and Girija did not call anyone because Kiran will be annoyed with everyone and he would be disturbed.

Girija and Suresh started teaching him to talk. He started talking to his parents little by little. His parents were very happy listening to him.

Then one day Suresh sowed some seeds on the ground and sprinkled water on it. He watered it daily. Kiran peered at the plant’s germination daily. One day he saw the plant growing. He was excited. He only wanted to pour water for the plant. The plant grew to a strong tree. Kiran asked his father Suresh to buy a pet for him. So Suresh bought a puppy dog for Kiran. Kiran provided food and other things for the dog. Even the dog grew big.

One day Girija scolded Kiran because he was really behaving badly. So he went to his dog and his tree, then shared his feelings by talking to both of them. The dog made him happy and the tree gave him fruits to make him feel better. When Kiran was 26 years old his father and mother died in an accident. Kiran was very sad and shared his feelings with the tree and the dog. Both of them understood and made him calm down. After some years he was 82 years, he was very happy living with the tree and the dog.

He loved the friendship and relationship between the three of them. Kiran would share each and every thing with them, his happiness and sadness.

Till he was 90 years old he would share everything. Then he died at 92 years old. Even the dog and the tree died after the death of Kiran. Kiran shared his things by talking to them. He shared a lot. They had a great relationship.

Written by Pragna, STD VI.


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