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Book Review: The Family at Red Roofs

I loved reading “The Family at the Red Roofs”. It is a very interesting story that all of us must read.

I was eagerly waiting for when the Jackson family would shift their house to the Red Roofs. I was so into the story that I began to think that I was one of the characters. However, there were parts which I did not want to read but just skip. But, I had to read it to move forward.

I did not like Mrs. Jackson falling ill and all her children- Molly, Peter, Shirley and Michael working. I did not like Molly being treated harshly by Penny’s aunt. I did not like Peter working in an office that he never liked. I did not want Shirley to be an errand girl and Michael to work very hard rather than doing his investigation.

I never like the children to lose their ambitions. Molly being a teacher, Peter being a doctor and Shirley and Michael going to school were all into the dustbins.

The first thing that worried me was about Mr. Jackson’s death. I never thought that something like that would happen.

However, he was alive and not dead. I liked this the most. I liked Mrs. Jackson coming back home. I liked the little dog – Bundle. To say in short I liked the whole story.

I learnt about helping people. I learnt even a small girl or boy can earn money, like Shirley. I learnt that we should not be rude or feel superior, like Penny. I learnt about how to live one’s life happily.

Written by Shalini, STD VII.


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