Movie Review

Movie Review: Krantiveera Sangolli Rayanna

For the first time Sandalwood (Kannada film industry) has directed a historical film. It was a super hit all over Karnataka. It is the story of Sangulli Rayanna and Kittur Rani Chenamma. It is a very different story than other films.

The film came out very well. The appearance of the film was dress, make up. The appearance of the film like the make up and the clothes were the most attractive. The hairstyles were different. In the story all types of acting were performed. Like happy enjoyment, sad, angry and love.

In the film, Rayanna’s kingdom wins the first war against the British. Rayanna was Kittur Rani Chenamma’s adopted son. They enjoy and they are happy. As the story goes on the British attack and a huge war happens once again. But Rayanna’s kingdom will become weak. Then British will take over and arrest Rayanna, Kittur Rani Chenamma and some soldiers.

Chenamma was not released. But Rayanna and the soldiers were released. When they were released they were happy. But Rayanna was angry. He wanted Chenamma to be released and raise war against British and take back their kingdom. He loved his place very much. He tried many ways to raise an army against the British. But in Rayanna’s team some people were corrupt and got Rayanna arrested. Chenamma dies because the British lie to her that they killed Rayanna. Chenamma thinks it is real and drinks poison and ‘dies’ but actually she will be alive. A last they put Rayanna to death which is a sad moment for everybody.

I just briefly explained this film which is a very good film. The actress who plays Chenamma acts well. The dialogues, characters and wars are neatly done. All the people from young students to old grandparents liked and appreciated them for their hard work.

I hope the Kannada film industry improves little by little and day by day. It is giving a very good fight to others film industries. Films like Krantiveera Sangulli Rayanna, Thithi and Rangitharanga will improve the industry and I hope this continues.


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