Summer Holidays

During this summer vacation, I joined a swimming class in the morning at 6 o’clock. I would come back home at 8:30 am. Now I have learned swimming and I enjoyed a lot. After that even I went to my grandmother’s home for a fair on April 28. It was very beautiful to see the Goddess on the pallaki in the morning at 5 o’clock . My brother and I played all the games in the fair. We also purchased the toys.

Goddess Mohini on the palanquin

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The next day my father planned to go to Mysore on a trip and we all went in the car. We visited the Chamundashwari Temple. It is famous in Mysore.


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We also visited  Ranganathitu Bird Sanctuary. It is a home for birds. I saw different beautiful birds in the sanctuary. We  went boating and we saw lots of crocodiles in the river. My mother and I were very frightened and so the boatman said “Don’t be worried. They wont do anything. Be cool and keep silence.”

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After boating we visited KRS Dam and also we visited the Mysore Zoo. In the dam there was no water because there was no rain. In the zoo I saw a different types of  animals and we stayed for  two days in Mysore in the lodge. This summer holidays i enjoyed very much. I am  waiting for the next summer holidays .

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Written by Jashwanth, STD VI.


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