Karate and I

(Harsha showing off his karate kick.)

I have been learning karate since 2012. My sir’s name is S.K. Sinha. I have finished 7 belts now.

I learn karate in my school. Earlier, when I was in Blue Belt I learnt a lot of kathas. Kathas   means if we want to fight with our enemies, we can use them.

After karate, I feel energetic. My sir is proud of me because I won the first prize in katha and 3rd in fighting when I attended competitions in Mysore.

In Kerala I won the 1st prize in Katha and Team Katha and 2nd in fighting.  A few days ago, I got the Brown 3 belt.

I am interested in Karate because I have a lot of friends there and even my sir teaches very well. He has taught me different types of punches, kicks, kathas and fighting skills. I also teach some small kathas to my friends. My Sir is very decent, he was in the army and now he has retired.

After I get my black belt, I would like to teach others karate because I would like to help others how my sir has helped me.

Written by Harsha, STD IV.


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