Part II – The Powers of Powerland

(Episode two in a series devised by Suhas)

After the monkeys escaped, they went to their friend’s island, the dragon land. The dragons were the mightiest of all. They could spit fire and fly high in the sky. It was a difficult task for Red, Bomb and Speedo to conquer the dragons.

They were lucky, for a new friend was introduced whose name was Silver. When Silver was angry he could become as strong as a rock and would get ten packs. Only he knew how to fight dragons. He told Red, Bomb and Speedo, “You will need a suit to protect yourselves from the fire spit by the dragon.”

They went to a scientist called Dr. Crack Silver and requested Dr. Crack to make a powerful suit that was fireproof. Also, according to their power, (Red, Bomb and Speedo’s power), Dr. Crack had made powerful and very effective suit for everyone. Red, Bomb and Speedo also liked it a lot.

They wore it and went out to fight a dragon which was very weak.  They saw that every dragon had a unique way of fighting. Some spat fire from eyes and some from mouth, each fire differed in warmth, colour, and quantity. They learnt many ways to fight the dragons. It was a tough training and it took 320 days to complete. Finally in the battle field, they fought boldly and won the battle. During this time, monkeys had kidnapped the old people in Powerland and escaped to Crock land……

Written by Suhas, STD VI. 



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