Magic in the Forest

There was a king called Vishwas and he had three sons. The eldest son’s name is Yash. The second eldest son was Harsha and the youngest son is called Vijay. One day, king Vishwas got a high fever. Doctors from every city, state and country came to help the king. But they could not help him. One day a doctor came to visit the king. He said to the three princes to go to the magic forest and take a herb and come. But the three princes asked “where is the magic forest?” But the doctor did not know.

The youngest prince Yash went in eastern direction to search the magic forest. He only saw a small boy. The prince asked the boy “Where is the magic forest?” rudely. The boy said you should go to the western direction. He said ok and went but the prince did not come at night.

So, in the morning the second prince went in the eastern direction to search for the magic forest. He also saw the small boy and asked “Where is the magic forest?” rudely. He said to go in the northern direction. So he also went in the northern direction but he did not come back that night.

The king was so worried. So the king said to Vijay not to go to the magic forest. If you go to the forest you will be in danger. But Vijay also went. He also went in the eastern direction. He saw the small boy and asked “Do you know where is magical forest is please? When you tell me I can help my father.” The small boy was amazed to hear this. He said really you should go in the southern direction. He said thanks and “Did you see two princes here?” He said “Don’t talk about them. They are very rude. But also I will allow them to go, for you.”

He said okay and got his two brothers and the magic herb. Vijay said to his father Vishwas that they all took the magic herb and came. Lastly the king was proud of his three sons.

Written by Vijay and Vishwas, STD IV.


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