Deadly Bungalow

Once, there was a large bungalow in a dense forest. Near the bungalow there was a small village. The village had only ten families. All the families were scared of the bungalow, except one. The nine families were afraid of the bungalow because they knew a ghost lived in it. At night, they were afraid because it looked scary. In the morning, they were scared because whoever went inside it, never came back. The last family was not afraid of the bungalow because there were many family members in their family. They were brave and strong too!

One day, a child from the last family was flying a kite. Suddenly, a strong wind blew, and the kite flew inside the window of the bungalow. The kite was his favourite. He was very sad. He went to his house and called his whole family. He told them to go inside the bungalow and fetch the kite. They agreed. The grandparents did not come to the bungalow because the other family members thought that they were weak and they may get scared, hurt or killed. All the family members took safety things. The children took torches, sticks, lighters and toy guns. They wore strong and fit clothes. The elders took guns, swords, stones, pebbles, torches and wore tight, strong clothes. They went to their bedroom and took some of their pillows and blankets.

They went near the bungalow. It was raining heavily and it was thundering near the bungalow. It was night. They went near the bungalow. The gate of the bungalow opened by itself. They were not afraid. They went inside the bungalow. All the children were divided into one group because they can fight any difficulty with power as there were twenty children, mothers and fathers, uncles and aunties, divided into sixteen pairs. They discussed that all the children would go in the northern direction, mother and father to the west, uncles and aunties to the east, but no one went to the south because the gate was at the south.

The children saw a skeleton making a cake and soup. They robbed it. But they were caught. The skeletons threw them in a big, deep hole and there were three hungry lions above the hole. Whereas, the mother and father were very strong. They had defeated eight pairs of skeletons. They fought the skeletons and the lions and saved the children.

Now, the father, mother and children went together. They saw many famous paintings of kings and emperors. Some statues were talking to each other. They heard a thundering. Then they saw a staircase. It was a tower. They called the uncles and aunties and together they climbed up the tower.

But, to their surprise it was Ramu, the largest criminal of the world. They understood that it was Ramu’s hiding place. They arrested Ramu. They made the bungalow a jail for criminals. They went to their home and lived happily.

Written by Milind, STD III.


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