The Family Who Lived in the Forest

Once upon a time there lived a boy named Piter. Piter’s parents decided to go to the forest on Sunday. Days passed and it was Sunday. They walked and went to the forest and they opened the gate. They saw many trees like mango, apple, banana, and papaya. They tried coming back but they forgot the entrance to go out. They were sad and crying and they thought we can build a shelter and live. Piter asked, “What will we eat?” His father said “We will hunt small animals, roast them and eat.”

Piter’s parents built a hut and lived there. They ate animals like rabbits and bears. One day a lion saw them. The lion ran towards Piter and his parents. They were very scared. Piter’s father hunted it by mistake and the lion died. They were happy because they thought the lion would kill them.

One day Piter and his parents were walking to search for animals. They saw the entrance of the forest and they were happy. They went out of the forest, went home and had dinner.

Written by Ganesh, STD III. 


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