My Favourite Trip

I like to travel. Whenever I travel, it will be different and nice to see. In this Dasara vacation, I went to Malpe Beach, St Mary’s Island, Sakrebyle Elephant Camp and Kalatti Falls. My parents gave me a surprise when the trip started. We went with my father’s friends on the 8th of October.

My mother packed all the clothes last night. First, we went to Malpe Beach near Udupi. I played in the water for a long time with my friends. We also visited St Mary’s Island in a motor boat. It was a beautiful Island.

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Then we went to Shivamogga and on the way we went to Agumbe. It was raining heavily there. We stayed in a relative’s house. The next day, we went to Sakrebyle Elephant Camp. There were almost 20 elephants there. I enjoyed watching them and took pictures with them.

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On the way back, we visited Kalathgiri Falls and I enjoyed playing in the cold water there. Then we drove back home and reached late in the night.


This trip was the most memorable trip I ever had.

Written by Raghav, STD III. 

(All images courtesy of Google)


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