The World Adventure

Once upon a time, there were six friends named Raghav, Koustubh, Thejas, Nipun, Samarth and Dhimanth. They all were studying in STD X. It was the time of Dasara, so the school gave them one month of holidays.

One evening, all the friends went to a garden nearby to dig the soil and take out the things which are inside it so that they could clean the garden. Thejas found a large paper inside the ground. He gave it to Raghav. Raghav exclaimed, “Wow guys! It is a treasure map. Let’s have some adventures. Pack your food, ten bottles of water, clothes and come to this garden at 6:00 am early in the morning with your bag. Do remember to get your bicycles too.”

All the children were very excited. Thejas’ father was a carpenter. He taught him to make many things with wood. So for emergencies, Thejas carried all the tools and wood which were in his house too. The next day everyone was ready near the garden with their bags and cycles. They went straight in the direction of the sea. They went and went till they found the sea shore. They found the sea. They were kicking up a storm about how to cross the sea. Thejas said, “I have many tools and wood. We can make a small ship.” All said, “But we don’t know how to make it.” Thejas said, “Calm down, calm down. I will teach you how to make it because I know how to make it.”

They took four hours to make the small ship. It was made nicely and big. They decided to make Raghav the captain of the ship and the team. It was easy for Raghav to drive the ship in the sea because there were no strong and big waves there. But in the Indian Ocean, it was very difficult to drive because it was raining and the waves were very strong and large. Koustubh was very good in playing mobile phone games, computer games, TV games and video games. Koustubh drove the ship nicely too.

They reached Africa. There was a dense forest. They went straight in the north direction. They saw a round ring and dug it up. They found a bunch of sacks filled with gold. They were very happy. They went back to their ship. Samarth’s father was a scientist. He taught Samarth to make experiments with wood. So, Samarth made a flying ship from the ship which Thejas had made. Samarth’s work succeeded. The aeroplane was able to fly high up in the sky. Koustubh drove the flying ship nicely.

They went to North America. It was a large desert. Suddenly, a large giant came and took all the friends away, but it could not catch Raghav. Raghav went near the quick sand. The giant followed him. He fell inside the quick sand and died. All the friends jumped from the giant’s head to the ground and thanked Raghav for saving their lives. Suddenly, a fairy came and said, “Thank you Raghav. You just saved me from that wicked giant. He always used to trouble me. Take this pouch. Put your hand inside it and tell it what you need. You will get it in one second.” She bowed herself and vanished.

They went to South America. They reached South America. It was windy there. They went in the direction of the west. They saw a square shape on the ground. They dug it and found a large box filled with gold coins and ornaments. They went to Antarctica. It was very cold there. There was something shining nearby. They went near it and got to know that it was one trillion golden coins. They were very happy but soon they became dull. They were thinking about how to take the golden coins to the ship. Nipun and Dhimanth were brothers. Their father was a wrestler. He taught them how to carry heavy things such as a cupboard etc. They carried the coins and ornaments till the ship.

Then they went to Australia. It was sunny. They climbed the highest hill. They saw a dot on the ground. They dug it up. They saw a sack of golden coins. All of the friends were very happy. They went back to India and told their mothers everything. Their mothers were worried about them. They shared the treasure and lived happily.


 Written by Milind, STD III. 


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