The Strong Girl

In Scotland, there lived a girl called Dana. Everybody teased her that she is so weak and small. One day two scientists came to that city. Their names were Alex Mercer and James Heller. On that day some boys came and teased her and went. So she was very upset. The two scientists had a plan.

When the boys went, the two scientists came to her and asked, “Do you want to become a strong girl?” For that she said yes. They said, If you want to become a strong girl, we will give you an injection, then you will become a strong girl.” She accepted that. They gave one injection and slowly she became a strong girl and in the morning she became a monster. That morning some boys were coming to tease her but when they saw her like a monster they started to run. The girl chased them and she killed them.

Then the police came with backup, but the girl killed them and went away. Then the military came to kill her but she killed them. So the military said to the police that only that two scientists can rearrange the girl to how she was. So the police and military found the two scientists and they told them to make more injections. The two scientists said ok. They made more injections. They gave the injections to the military. Then they saw the strong girl. By hiding, they tried to shoot the girl but their aim missed. The girl saw the military and she killed them.

Lastly the two scientists came to shoot the girl but she saw them and went to kill them but the scientists shot with that injection. Lastly she became small and the military arrested the two scientists.

Written by Vijay, STD IV.


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