The Bear and the Man

Once upon a time, there lived a man called Aanesh. He was a tailor. He thought, ‘It is my birthday on Sunday. I will go to my village.’ Aanesh was going to the village to meet his mother and father when suddenly he saw his mother coming. His mother said ‘I am going outside. Take some clothes for your birthday as a gift.’

Aanesh reached his village to meet his father. His father was sad. Aanesh asked ‘Why are you sad papa?’ Aanesh’s father said ‘There is a bear in the dangerous forest. It kills us when we go into it.’ Aanesh said ‘I will kill the bear.’ Aanesh’s father said ‘Don’t go! Stop here only.’ Aanesh did not listen to his father and went to the dangerous forest.

Aanesh was going into the dangerous forest and suddenly the bear came running behind him. Aanesh tried to kill the bear but the bear killed Aanesh and ate him. Aanesh’s father got the news and cried. The villagers said to Aanesh’s father that ‘We will go to another village.’ Aanesh’s father said ‘Okay.’

All the villagers changed their homes to a new village and lived happily.


(Picture courtesy of Google, chosen by the student to illustrate the story)

Written by Ganesh, STD III. 


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