The Old Man and the King

Once there lived a king named Vinay. Vinay lived in a big mall. One day Vinay said ‘We will go to the forest and hunt animals.’ Vinay’s troops said ‘Yes sir.’ The commander of Vinay’s troops asked ‘Which forest sir?’ Vinay said ‘It is a green forest Commander.’

The next day Vinay and the troops went to the green forest. They were looking to hunt but there were no animals. Vinay was very thirsty. Vinay sent his troops to bring water. They saw a hurt old man sitting. The troop said to the old man ‘ Are you mad? Can’t you see that the King Vinay has come? He needs water to drink.’ The old man said ‘You go away from here.’ The troop said this to his commander. The commander went to the old man and said ‘You old man! Our troops asked for a glass of water. Why won’t you give it to us?’ The old man said ‘You also go away from here. I will not give you water.’

The commander went to Vinay and said this to him. Vinay went to the old man and said ‘Please sir, can you give me a glass of water?’ The old man said ‘Yes. I am a blind man. So you can take the water. It is inside.’ There were many pots of water. Vinay took a glass and dipped it in the pot of water. He drank the water and came out. He said ‘Thank you very much old man.’ The old man said ‘Its okay.’

Vinay went to the troops and the commander said ‘Okay come we will go to our mall.’ Vinay, the troops and the commander went to the mall and they lived happily.

Moral – We must speak politely to people.

Written by Ganesh, STD III. 


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