A Play: An Excerpt from Sangolli Rayanna

(The play above was performed in celebration of Kannada Rajyotsava, a day celebrating the language of Kannada and the culture of the state of Karnataka.) 

The excerpt is from the movie Sangolli Rayanna about the kingdom of Kittur Rani Chennama. The scene is depicting Thackeray, a representative of the British East India Company, asking Kittur Rani Chennama to pay land tax on the land given to them by the kingdom. Kittur Rani Chennama refuses to pay, arguing that it makes no sense for the people of the land to pay tax to foreigners who have not worked or lived on the land before.


Kittur Rani Chennama – Shalini

Sangolli Rayana – Darshan

Thackeray – Nithyananda

Court Priest – Varun

Senapati – Srihith

Mantri – Harsha

Mallapa Shetty – Jashwanth

Venkatappa – Suhas

Court Guard – Shishir


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