Rohit and His Old Rabbit

One day there lived a boy named Rohit. Rohit had an old toy rabbit. Rohit loved it very much. Rohit’s mother said, “Rohit, why are you keeping your old toy rabbit with you? I will buy you a new toy. Throw it now.” Rohit said “No way mom. I will not throw this rabbit because I love it.”

Rohit had a sister called Priaye. Rohit’s father told Rohit, Priaye and Rohit’s mother, “We are going to a fair this Sunday.” Rohit said “Wow! Okay. I will bring my toy rabbit.” On Sunday Rohit’s sister, mother and father went to the fair. They went inside and saw the giant wheel. They climbed it. Rohit kept his toy rabbit on his lap. Afterwards, they saw a camel. It would take them on three rounds. Rohit sat on it, forgetting about his toy rabbit. After it took three rounds, Rohit could not find his rabbit. He was crying. Rohit’s mother said “Don’t cry! I will buy you a new toy.”

They went to the toy shop and they bought a new toy dog, but Rohit did not like it. Priaye and Rohit started walking. They saw a girl. She had kept Rohit’s toy rabbit and was standing. Priaye said, “This rabbit is my brother’s! Give it to me now.” The girl said “No way!. I will not give it to you. I got this toy rabbit.” Rohit said “Give it to me please. You can take this toy dog.” The girl said “Okay. Give me the toy dog and take this toy rabbit.”

Rohit took his toy rabbit and gave her the toy dog. He was very happy now. They went home and lived happily.

Written by Ganesh, STD III. 


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