I Love My Nature

Once there was a beautiful forest in Wales. A man planned to go to the forest in Wales. He reached the forest at 5:00 am. The birds were chirping. He loved the chirping of the birds. He sat under a tree. He took the flute from his bag and started playing the flute. All the birds and animals came near him. He put some grains for the birds and food for the animals.

Then he made a swimming pool, a kitchen and rooms out of grass and leaves of coconuts. He cut the coconuts and used them as bowls. He ate some fruits which were in a tree. He ate oranges and grapes. He went to sleep with the animals and birds. At that time, a demon named Draculara took some animals and went. A bird woke up and pecked him. He got up and saw that the demon was taking the animals. He told the birds to carry him when they were flying.

The birds started flying. The man fought with the demon Draculara and took the animals back. The next day they sang a song called ‘My Nature’.

Written by Keerthana, STD III. 


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