Milind’s Adventure

One day, Milind found himself in the middle of a thick forest. It was dark and Milind was alone. He saw a light in the distance and started walking toward it. Suddenly, a wild bull ran towards him! Milind started to run towards the light. He ran and ran until he reached the light.The light was coming from an enormous castle. He opened the gate. It was very dusty inside.

Suddenly, a wizard came to him and said, “Who are you? Where have you come from? Why did you come here?” Milind said, “I am Milind. I am from planet Earth. I am lost. I don’t know how I came here and the name of this place.” The wizard said, “Well, you are in Magicland. There is only one route to go back to Earth. You should go to the Magic Forest, and find a large cave. There is a gate to enter Earth.”

Milind thanked the wizard and went to the Magic Forest and entered it. He found the cave and reached Earth. He got up and realised it was just a dream!

Written by Milind, STD III.


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