Mohith and His Dream

 It was a cloudy day. There was silence in the air. A young boy named Mohith walked home slowly. He was in deep thought. He was worried about going to school the next day. As he was walking, he heard footsteps behind him. He suddenly turned back and saw there was nothing. He saw his own shadow. He was not scared. He kept on walking. There was no one around. Again he heard some footsteps. He turned, back scared. He saw a shadow with it fingers bent. He thought its nothing and he started walking.

He had not done his homework. He reached home. He started doing his homework. He did his homework  with  his great effort because his teacher would give him a star. The next day he submitted his homework. After a while in school, he was punished. He was shocked to listen to his teacher when she was saying “Why have you done some rubbish in your book? Why have you torn all the pages of your book?”

After school he went home. He experienced all this till he married. He lost his books, he lost his pen, he forgot to do homework and he lost his bag. But he did not understand what was the reason for these problems. When he married, till he had children there were no problems. When his son grew to the age of five, again the problems started. He lost his wife.

One day, in front of the mirror, he saw his shadow moving. The shadow did all this because Mohith was not taking care of his shadow. It told Mohith this. Mohith said, “What? Why should I take care of my shadow? I cannot touch you because you are a shadow. You are a shadow!” It said, “Why can’t you touch me?” in a gruff voice, “So I will kill you. Aaaargh!” Mohith screamed, “Mummy……!!!!”

His mother came running and asked, “Why are you screaming?!” “This shadown is going to  eat me, save me!” His mother told him, “Oh. I think you are having a nightmare my son.” He got up and realised that it was a dream. He brushed his teeth, did all his schoolwork and went to school. All his days were just fine.

Written by Shishir, STD VI. 


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