Bhagath and the Scary Ghost

(Among the winners for the story writing home work! Congratulations to Ninad!)

Once upon a time, one boy named Bhagath was walking in a deep forest. He had lost his way. He saw a house in the distance. He was tired, so he went inside the house. “Is there anybody here?” he called but no one was there.

As he was exploring the house, he saw a book. It was very dirty. He picked up the book in his hands and opened it. The book was about the house and it said that there was a ghost there. He quickly tried to get out of the house but he couldn’t go out of the house because if someone enters the house, they cannot come out because, as it was written in the book, good people cannot come out but bad people can come out because the ghost was also bad.

Written by Ninad, STD IV. 


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