Bhagath and the Ghost

(Among the winners for the story writing home work! Congratulations to Samanyu!)

One day a boy named Bhagath was shifting to a new house. He was packing everything to move to the new house. Bhagath was very excited to move to the other house, and scared too, because everybody said that next to his new house there is a ghost house. Every night, strange sounds would come, such as screams, somebody talking, gun shots etc. It was night and Bhagath and his family went to sleep.

The next day, they woke up, got ready and drove to the new house. They reached the new house. They got down and they were going into the house. While entering the house, he saw the strange house. It was crooked and bent. There were climbers growing on the house, the trees were leaning on the wall and the house was as tall as a bamboo. But there was something strange.

No one could sort out the mystery from when a boy named Aadesh, a detective, entered the house to find out if there was a ghost in the house or not. He did not return after going inside the house and from that day smoke was coming out of the chimney and a fire was burning. Some people thought that the ghost had set the fire because he wanted to roast the boy and eat him. But the other silly thing in that, was that the fire cannot burn for so long! Some said the fire was magical. Some said that the boy had set the fire. But for this also the same silly thing applies: the fire cannot burn for so long.

Bhagath’s father called him and Bhagath forgot everything and went inside. He was looking at the house all around in amazement. It was night. He was reading a story book. Suddenly, whispers could be heard in his house and he got scared. He sat there, frozen in fear. Suddenly, “HAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!” Bhagath got even more scared!

He turned around to the door and saw somebody wearing a ghost’s costume. It was Sai Sushane, his best friend. Bhagath was very angry, serious and nervous but Sai Sushane was laughing loudly. Bhagath scolded him and Sai Sushane said sorry. “Its okay, but were you making the whispers?” asked Bhagath. “No.” replied Sai Sushane. Bhagath’s mother called them for dinner. They both ate dinner. Sai Sushane went to his house and Bhagath went to bed. Bhagath switched on the fan because it was a hot day and he went to sleep.

After a few minutes, he felt very cold. He looked up and he saw the fan was switched off. He got scared. He could not sleep. He was awake till 1:00 am. Finally, he tried to sleep and he dozed off.

It was a Sunday the next day. His parents had said the previous night that they would not be home for the whole day because they had to go for a party, a meeting, shopping and a house warming ceremony. Bhagath went downstairs and brushed his teeth, bathed and went to the kitchen to have a breakfast of sambar and dosa. He finished his breakfast and was wondering about the whispers from the previous night. Then he remembered the house as strange sounds were coming from the house. Again, he heard a weird voice from the house.

It was lunch time. He ate lunch and was playing a video game. After some time, he dozed off. He woke up at 6:17 pm. Again, he heard the weird sounds. He was really very stressed about the sounds. So Bhagath decided to go and investigate the ghost house. He got ready and packed everything he wanted in his bag. Everything was packed and he started to go to the house. At that time, he heard a loud scream coming from the house! Bhagath was shivering, but  he did not lose hope of going inside the ghost house. He said to himself, “There is no ghost inside that house.”

Suddenly, there was a clashing off swords inside the house! Again he said to himself, “Only two steps to reach the door.” Bhagath reached the door. Behind him, a postman passed through. He watched Bhagath in horror and warned him not to go into the house. But Bhagath did not hear what the postman said and he went inside. The postman was staring at the house in horror for a minute. He saw blood splash inside the house. He got a headache and fell on the road. Bhagath was inside and there was a blood splash because he stepped on a fat mouse.

Bhagath’s heart was beating very fast. The sound of his heartbeat was so loud that he could hear it because of the weird sounds in the house. He went further. He saw the living room on his left so he went inside it. It was really big and covered with spider webs. The fire was burning. When he was seeing the hall to explore the place, he swords that were red and the suit was also red. Bhagath got really very scared. He was frozen and sweat was all around his face. He wanted to scream but he didn’t.

He came out of the hall and he went inside a room. He saw many photos hung on the wall. The pictures were showing a man and a woman. When he touched it, a voice came from behind him, “Do not touch that!” He turned back and saw a face but the body was invisible. He was the same as in the photo. Bhagath asked, “Who are you?” “I am the owner of the house.” Bhagath was shivering in fright and said, “But you are a ghost.” “Yes I am a ghost but I will not harm you. I am a good ghost.”

Bhagath was not scared anymore. He wanted to ask many questions. Bhagath clarified his doubts. Suddenly the sound of the door opening was heard. Bhagath went and peeped from the door. It was his parents, the postman and two policemen holding a torch. Bhagath turned to see what the ghost was doing. To his surprise, the ghost had disappeared. Bhagath was wondering where the ghost had gone. At that time, the two policemen, his parents and the postman came into the hall and saw Bhagath. His parents were happy. Bhagath went to his house wondering about the ghost.

Written by Samanyu, STD IV. 


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