Bhagath and the Scary Ghost

(Among the winners for the story writing home work! Congratulations to Vishwas!)

There lived a man called Bhagath. Bhagath will have a friend called Rahul. Rahul will be troubling him and hitting him.

One day, Bhagath decides to take revenge and kill Rahul. Rahul will come to Bhagath’s house. Bhagath will call Rahul to his room and take a knife and kill Rahul. Rahul will turn into a ghost.

Rahul will be troubling Bhagath, like banging the doors and windows shut and turning the light on and off. On the second night, Bhagath will hear a knock on the door. He will go to wash his face. As he goes near the mirror, he sees a coloured shadow. When he looks back nobody is there. When he looks up, suddenly a ghost comes to attack him! Bhagath escapes from the ghost.

After 13 days, the ghost has a plan that he will come in the form of a boy and kill Bhagath. One day, the ghost comes to Bhagath’s house and knocks on the door, “Help! Help!” Bhagath runs and opens the door. He sees a boy. Suddenly, a truck goes over the boy. Bhagath goes to pick up the boy. Beside the boy there will be a knife. The boy takes the knife and kills Bhagath.

Written by Vishwas, STD IV.


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