The Cat and the Dog

Once upon a time, there lived a cat named Angel. Angel was searching for food and suddenly, a dog saw Angel. The dog went back thinking that it can pounce on the cat. It tried to pounce on the cat but it could not reach the cat. A thorn pierced the dog’s leg.

The next day, Angel’s brother came. He was searching. The dog saw it and thought it was Angel. The dog pounced on Angel’s brother and Angel saw this. Angel murmured, “What should I do now? Should I save my brother or should I escape?”  Angel went to the dog and said, “Why are you hurting my brother?” The dog said “Oh! Sorry! I thought that he is you. I am sorry Angel.” Angel asked, “Why are you sad? I am watching you everyday and in June you were not hurting cats. Why are you hurting cats now?” The dog said, “I will tell you the flashback story.” Angel said, “Okay. Tell me the flashback story.”

The dog said, “Once I lived with a boy called Aanesh. I was hurting cats and Aanesh saw this. Aanesh said, ‘Why are you hurting cats?’ I said ‘To eat.’ Aanesh said ‘No no. We should not hurt cats.’ I said, ‘Why?’ Aanesh said, ‘When somebody hurts you, how will it be? In the same way when you hurt others, they also feel some feelings.’ I said, ‘Okay sorry. From now I will not hurt cats.’ One day Aanesh was walking. Two cats were watching him because they thought that we will kill Aanesh because his dog hurt us. The cats went to Aanesh, pushed him, scratched his eyes and hurt him. Aanesh died. I started hurting cats again after this.”

Angel said “Come we will go to those two cats and kill them, Dog.” The dog said, “Yes. I will also kill them.” Angel and the dog went to the two cats and said, “You killed Aanesh so Aanesh’s dog will kill you.” The dog killed the two cats. Angel and the dog became friends and they lived happily.

Written by Ganesh, STD III.


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