The Diary of a Free Caged Bird

I am S. I am writing about my own experience of women’s problems. One of the many problems that women face is gender discrimination.

I have heard people say that girls are always gentle. But it is not true. For example, me. I am not gentle to people who are not gentle with me. I am also aggressive.

People say that girls must be decent. They must not wear western clothes, they must not be alone, they must have a man’s protection. Why only a man’s protection and not a woman’s? Are only men strong and not women? My parents always say that I must do all the work at home and not their son. I don’t know why. They know that boys and girls are equal, but why do they discourage me? I feel caged when I don’t get to do what I want.

I love playing games, but the friends I have are girls who go with society. They don’t question anything. I love playing games with my friends like D and B who are boys who play games. I don’t even get to use my father’s mobile phone. He lends it only to his son and not to me.

When I win something, they don’t encourage but discourage. But to their son, they encourage him even when he is foolish. When I have many hidden talents, I show it only in my school and not anywhere else. I show all my talents only to my teachers and friends. I get encouraged only by my teachers and friends.

My parents don’t listen to me but only to their son. They don’t encourage me but only their son. They feel proud about their son and not about me. I feel so upset when there are only fifty people to support me and five thousand to support my parents’ son.

I feel jealousy only about the love my parents show their son. I feel that I also need a part in it. I will try to change the way my parents feel about GIRLS.

Written by a girl student of our school. 

(This post is anonymous to protect the privacy of the student)




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