The Magic Stone

Once upon a time in Bangalore, there was a man named Prakash. He was a genius in making robots and he could make very difficult robots. He had a book that helped him make different kinds of robots and powerful stones.

One day when he was going to the shop, he saw something lying on the ground. He took it and recognised that it was a robot. He took the vegetables from the shop and the robot also. When he reached home, he saw that a circle stone can fit inside it. He said, “Oh, I have this stone. Whoever made this robot must have had patience because every part is nicely fixed. Let me fix the stone and see what happens.”

When he fixed it, a green light came out of it and suddenly the robot opened its eyes! Prakash got scared! The robot said in fear, “Where am I? On which planet am I? How am I here?” Prakash said “Cool down you robot. I will not hurt you.” The robot replied, “I am not a robot. I am a lion of Luxy planet. Luxy planet is very far from this planet and it is very beautiful. It was full of animals. But not now because an asteroid crashed and so many aliens came out of it. They are so powerful that all the animals do what the aliens say. Please help me. By the way, I am Snapy.” Prakash introduced himself. He said, “Okay I will help you, but let’s go tomorrow because it is already evening.”

The next day Prakash packed all his gadgets and was ready to go to Luxy planet. Snapy said, “Prakash please fix a seast stone inside me. Seast stones are made up of six counches and they are very powerful.” Prakash fixed it and suddenly Snapy became very big. Snapy said, “Prakash sit on me. I will take you. I came like this to Earth in one jump. Did you take your oxygen cylinder?” He said “Yes.” He sat on Snapy and in ten seconds they reached.

Prakash was very happy to see the scenery of the planet. Suddenly, the aliens attacked but no one was hurt. Snapy also attacked their spaceship and it got damaged. Prakash said “Very good Snapy!” Snapy said “Thank you.” The alien’s ship was broken. The alien’s leader said “Oh, a human came. Now you can’t go back.” Prakash said “Snapy scratch him!” The alien’s leader said “Go Fiery!” They both started fighting. Snapy said, “Prakash, mix the four seast together. It is very powerful.” He mixed them and put them inside Snapy. It became very powerful and he jumped on it. Snapy saw the seast and broke it. Fiery became small and the aliens lost the match.

Prakash said “Yes! We won! No what will you do aliens?” The aliens were very sad and they suddenly vanished. After a minute, Prakash felt like someone was pulling him and someone put him inside a prison. Snapy was outside the prison and it became small. After two minutes, the aliens appeared. They said “Ha ha! At last you came into the prison. You be there only.” After an hour, Prakash understood that the aliens only put him inside prison. When he was drinking hot water, accidentally, the water spilt on the rod and it melted. Praksh said “Wow! It melted! I think this planet is made of ice.”

He came outside and the aliens were spellbound. Prakash said, “This planet is made of ice. That’s how I came out of prison. Snapy, take the seast stone!” Snapy grew big and was very angry. It threw a fireball and everybody exploded except their leader. The leader said, “Human, if I am born one more time, I will not leave you.” He also exploded. Now there were no aliens on Luxy planet.

Prakash planned to stay on the planet for two days. Prakash and Snapy played and enjoyed for two days. Afterwards, in the morning, Prakash said, “Snapy, it’s time to go.” Snapy was very sad and he dropped him to Earth. After this, Prakash always loved Snapy.

Written by Raghav, STD III.


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