The Happy Elephant

Once upon a time there lived a baby elephant named Rohit. It did not have any friends and it lived in a forest called Bandipur forest. One day, it was searching for food. Suddenly, there was a lake and Rohit fell into the lake! Rohit said, “Save me, save me, save me!”

One rabbit saw it and said “I should save this elephant. It is in trouble.” The rabbit ran to another female elephant to take out Rohit from the lake. The rabbit reached the female elephant and said, “A baby elephant fell into the lake!” The female elephant ran to the baby elephant and took it out. After the elephant came out, it said to the two animals, “I am obliged to you for saving me.” The female elephant and the rabbit said, “Its okay elephant.” Rohit and the two animals left.

Rohit went to its shelter. It was night and Rohit slept. During the night, it started raining heavily and Rohit’s shelter broke into small pieces. Rohit got up and went under the tree to sleep. In the morning, Rohit had a fever and it fell down. It said slowly and softly, “I need food, food, food, food, food…” A monkey saw it and said “The baby elephant has a fever. I should give it some bananas and stay till it is okay.” The monkey went and brought bananas for Rohit. Rohit said, “I am obliged to you monkey for bringing me bananas.” The monkey said “Its okay and what is your name?” Rohit said, “My name is Rohit.”

After this Rohit, the monkey and the rabbit became friends and went out to see the forest. It was evening when they went to the lake and sat down. Rohit said, “Rabbit, monkey, can you be friends with me?” They said yes. All the animals saw this and felt jealous. After this all the animals in the forest became friends with Rohit and Rohit lived happily.

Written by Ganesh, STD III.


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