The Diary of a Free Caged Bird: 2

I am back and I want to talk about my experience watching my favourite actor, Sivakarthikeyan’s movies and also about him.

Sivakarthikeyan is a Tamil actor. He is a recent actor. In just four years he has acted in ten movies. In his first movie, he was a comedian. I liked his comedy but not the story of the film. It’s okay, it was his first experience acting in a movie. But, to my and everyone’s surprise, his other nine movies in which he was the main hero were all 100 day blockbuster movies.

After watching his movies, I would come out with tears on my cheeks, one, because of the emotional scenes, and two, because of laughing at his comedies. His movies were balanced with the right amount of comedy, romance, songs, emotions and morals which made his movies hit 100 days.

One of my favourite movies of his is called Kaaki Sattai. This movie is all about being a sincere police officer.

His movies are;

  1. – All about love. He is just a comedian.
  2. Marina – About love.
  3. Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga – About friendship and a father’s love.
  4. Ethir Neechal – About sports.
  5. Maan Karate – About boxing.
  6. Hanah Kotti Paravai – About love.
  7. Rajini Murugan – About friendship and a grandfather’s love.
  8. Remo – All about love.
  9. Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam – All about love.

  10. Kaaki Sattai – About the police.

I think all his movies mentioned above talk about morals for life and I think the life led by people in his movies are in some way or the other related to me. Most of you don’t know him for he is a recent actor but soon you see he will be a superstar for life.

More than his films’ stories, I like his character. He doesn’t live a very rich life but he is just like one of us. When he sends any tweets, there are always two main words: ‘sisters’ and ‘brothers’.

I think you know about Jayalalitha, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu who passed away recently. When he went for her funeral, he entered from the side of the people. But on the other hand, there was another actor who stood in front of Jayalalitha’s dead body and started blessing people. But Sivakarthikeyan is not someone who blesses people but someone who is blessed by the people.

I wish I could meet him at least once in my life!

See you soon my brothers, sisters and friends!

Written by S. 


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