Lion, Monkey, Elephant and Tiger

Once, there was a tiger named Sherkhan. He was very rude. He did not want any friends. He did not have manners.

One day, a lion, monkey and elephant were playing near Sherkhan’s house. Sherkhan opened the door and came outside. He saw the monkey, lion and elephant playing. He went near them and said “Don’t play near my house” rudely. He went inside his house. The monkey, lion and elephant were so sad and they went to their houses.

The next day, a hunter came to hunt the animals. Sherkhan got up and opened the door. The monkey, lion and elephant came near Sherkhan’s house to play. Sherkhan saw that side and this side. The hunter came to hunt Sherkhan. At that time, the monkey, lion and elephant also saw the hunter. They didn’t allow him to hunt Sherkhan. The monkey screeched, the elephant stamped the hunter’s leg and the lion bit his hand. The hunter ran and sat in his car. The hunter could not come out again.

Sherkhan thanked the monkey, lion and elephant. Sherkhan said, “You helped me, I am sorry I talked to you rudely.” They said, “Its okay Sherkhan.” Sherkhan asked their names. They monkey said “My name is Hipro.” The lion said “My name is Simh.” They elephant said “My name is Elly.” They played happily and were happy together.

Written by Siri, STD II. 


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