My Summer Holidays

I went to my grandmother’s house in the summer holidays. My cousin Sanjana also came there. We both played together. We helped our grandmother. We gave her what she asked us.

We all went to ‘Martin’s Farm’. We saw a turkey, different types of birds and animals. In the evening they allowed us to feed animals like the horse, goat, sheep and donkey. One of the farm uncles taught me to climb the tree.

After some days we joined a chess class and learnt to play chess. Our grandmother taught us how to stitch. We learnt four types of stitching – hemming, pass stitch, button hole stitch and chain stitch. I went to Gadag with my grandmother and grandfather to attend a wedding. There I met a new friend, Sarayu. We enjoyed a lot.

After some days my mother and I went to Mantaralaya to attend another wedding. There we went to the Raghavendra Swamy temple. We went near the Tungabhadra river. There was no water because of the heat. My father took me to the animal kingdom.

Written by Bindu, STD II. 


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