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A Review: My Social Science Class

On June 15th, in our social science class, we started a new chapter in civics where we discussed about democracy. Before that, my social science teacher ______ ma’am said that she doesn’t like it when children have no opinions or when adults don’t ask children about their inner feelings, likes and dislikes. Of course our parents are there but they are involved in hustling about with their own work. Also, this is the biggest problem with adults and children. This one statement made me think out of the box. This is true when I reflected on it. It is the reality. This is what we go through and what we sometimes don’t realise. This is where the communication gap takes place in between adults and children. Isn’t it true?

This was the first thing that pulled me into my teacher’s favourite subject, civics. Of course all the students moaned and gave up being interested in the class. I liked how teachers pull their students into their world of studies through conversation and that is their talent! After that, ma’am told us about the French revolution where people were suffering through monarchy in a story. Everybody was interested when she said she was going to tell us a story. All of us had only one thought while the story was going on and that was imagining how people suffered. This was an interesting, imaginative and thoughtful class for all of us. The civics chapter showed us its beauty: you can see what you study all around you and I understood this beauty.

Written by Gayathri, STD VII.


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