The Bold Baby Bird

One day, in a forest, there was a tree house. In the tree house lived five baby birds. One day, when the babies were playing, one baby fell down from the tree house. The baby thought, “Where is my tree house?”

It moved forward to see it’s house. She moved forward and forward. She saw a lake. She went near that lake. She prayed to God. At night, she made a nest and slept in the nest. The next day, wherever she went, she kept moving on a track and in the meantime she saw her house.

In the tree house the four babies were crying. When the fifth baby came inside, the other babies hugged that baby and they played with each other.

Written by Akash, STD III. 


A Tree House in the Forest

Once upon a time there lived a boy named Akash. It was his summer holidays. He went to a forest and there was a big tree with many fruits. He liked that tree and thought “I will build a tree house on the tree branch.” He slept for one night there.

In the morning he saw a hole in the tree and put his hand in that hole. A squirrel came out and he liked it. He asked, “What is your name?” The squirrel said, “My name is Siri.” They became good friends.

One night the squirrel and Akash slept in Akash’s tree house. In the morning, Akash was plucking some apples for Siri when she was sleeping. When Siri saw Akash plucking apples, she stopped Akash and said “Please do not pluck apples from the tree.” Akash never plucked any apple from the tree and they became the closest friends.

Written by Bhoomika, STD III.