Balu The Cracker

It was 18th October and Geena the cracker gave birth to Balu the cracker. Balu saw the new world and asked ”Mama, why have I been born at this time? Why is there light everywhere?” Geena said ”We are only born during this festival and everyone bursts us.”

Balu was shocked and asked ”Mommy am I also going to be burst?” Geena said ”No Balu you are so small so you are not going to be burst”.

Suddenly, Geena the cracker was taken and packed. Balu screamed ”Mommy please do not go!”. But unfortunately she was given to another.

The next day Balu saw there was smoke everywhere. Some people were injured. He thought , ”Deepavali is the festival of lights but why? People are polluting and getting injured by us”.

At the same time he saw his mother being burst. He was in pain thinking about how the environment is getting polluted.

At that time the cracker shop keeper took Balu, added some chemicals to him and made him a big cracker. Balu could not control the pain while chemicals were being added, he was crying.

One customer came and asked ”I want a big cracker!” The shopkeeper said ”Yes sir.” He gave him Balu, who was now a big cracker.

Balu was taken away by a customer to his house. He saw that everyone was lighting deepas. Suddenly, they took him. Balu got to know that it is the time to be burst. He prayed to God saying, “Oh God, I am very happy that all the children like me. But they don’t know how I am polluting the environment. So please make me a dumb cracker with no light or smoke.”

They took Balu and lit him. He was very scared but no smoke or sound came out of him. They took him and threw him out saying, “Hey! This is a dumb cracker.”

Balu thought, “Why did this happen?” He got to know that the chemical added to him was not perfect. He took a last breath and died saying, “I am very happy to die because I have not polluted the environment and saved many bird and animal lives.” Saying his last words he died.

Written by Dyuthi, STD VII.