Our blog posts have been chosen by the teachers and students of The South School. We started this blog as a way to showcase the awesome talents of our most wonderful students. We want to recognise the uniqueness in each child and give due respect to their perspectives.

School Day Photo Blog

Just a few details on how our creative process works:

  • Our students come up with various ideas and put it down on paper. 
  • On planning, stories are shown to our student editor, Akash, who further works on how the post will be included in our blog. 
  • Once the post has been typed or moved onto our computers, slight edits are made by the teacher in charge, respecting the message of the story to the best of their abilities. The edit is done solely for the ease of understanding the content and a majority of the content is left as is. 
  • The post is then ready for the blog!

Akash, STD VIII (Student Editor)