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The Adventures of the Dreadful Forest

Once in India, there lived a girl named Mary. She was very truthful and obedient. One day, her father became ill and they were not having enough money to buy medicines. They lived in an old rented house which was not too big.

‘How shall I help my father, mother?’ Mary asked and her mother replied, ‘If you are confident Mary, you should go to the Fairy-Land forest and pluck ten Tilak plants. But don’t go to the Dreadful Forest which is right next to it because there are many people who don’t let anyone enter.’  ‘Okay’ Mary said and took the old basket.

Offshe went and a man came in the middle of the way. His name was Shankar. He asked ‘Where are you going Mary?’ He hated her because his daughter did not have any friends because of Mary’s beauty. Mary said, ‘I am going to Fairy-land forest for Tilak leaves.’ Shankar said, ‘ No! You go to the Dreadful Forest. Even I went there and plucked the leaves when I needed them.’ These were lies but Mary obeyed and she started going inside the Dreadful Forest. Shankar phoned a friend who lived in the forest where Mary was going. He told him to kill Mary.

It was night. Mary saw a house. She went near the house. The people who lived there allowed her to stay. They were Shankar’s friends! When Mary was sleeping, they tried to kill her but they became still and could not move. Mary saw this, screamed and became unconscious.

Then an Angel came and put the Tilak leaves in her basket and left her home. Her father became alright and they lived happily.

Written by Raghav, STD IV. 

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The Adventures of Samarth and his Friends

Characters: Samarth, Raghav, Milind and Koustubh

Cities: Sringeri, Mumbai, Qiqihar, Jixi, Canberra and Sydney

Countries: India, China and Australia

One day we were enjoying our summer on a beach. We wanted to go on a trip to Australia.

The next day we went to Canberra, the capital of Australia. Then we went to Sydney. We watched the BBL, also known as Big Bash League. Sydney Thunder won the BBL and we went back to Canberra.


(Picture courtesy Lonely Planet)

One day, we went shopping. Raghav found a bottle. In that bottle there was a treasure map. Written in the treasure map was that the treasure is in Jixi.

We planned to go to Qiqihar by plane. We booked the plane and left. The next day we reached Qiqihar at 10:00 am.


(picture courtesy

There were so many exotic places to see and we saw all the places. We were there for two hours.

That night, we all read the map and went to Jixi by bullet train. We saw places in Jixi for a month. Jixi was a big city. The first clue in the bottle, told us to look in an old neem tree in the forest. The four of us saw a small neem tree in the forest. Beside that there was the old, big, neem tree. The four of them dug under it. We saw some logs. In one of the logs there was a second clue.


(picture courtesy Wikipedia)

The clue was “Over a raised platform in the park that is a big circle”. We went to the park. Though everyone went in different ways, they met at the same place where the raised platform was. I had a light. I opened the raised platform. There were two big logs. In that, was the third clue – “Near the beach, from the starting of the beach, you need to count 100 steps. You will get an X”

We went to the beach and we got the X. We dug in the sand. We found a ship’s handle. There was the last clue – “the treasure is in the middle of the river and you can make your own ship”.

So we mixed the logs, the two big logs and the ship’s handle. We made a new ship with paint, new gadgets and put in a symbol. We went to the river in the ship and Raghav’s phone showed that the treasure was there. Everybody went except Koustubh who was handling the ship. We all wore our scuba suits, took our oxygen cylinders and dived into the river.

We found a large pearl under the ocean bed. The pearl was white and gold. There was a handprint. I kept my hand and it opened! There was a hole and we thought the treasure was inside it. We went inside the pearl and we found a maze. We went straight and walked for some time. After five minutes, Milind said, ‘We have come back to the same point!’ Raghav’s phone’s battery was over. We saw a bedroom on the right. There was a large mat. We heard a sound under it when we stepped on it. When we opened the mat, we saw a picture of my great grandfather!

We were totally shocked! We went down the staircase and there was a big box. Inside the box there was the treasure and a note from my great grandfather. The note said,

“There are a thousand diamonds in this box. You must use this treasure to help others. Only if you promise this, you can open the box.”

We promised and the box opened. We went back to the ship and reached the shore at 7:00 pm.

The next day we went to Qiqihar by bullet train. We went to Mumbai by flight. We used the treasure to help the poor people in Mumbai and all of them lived happily.

Written by Samarth, STD IV. 


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Best Friends

Once there was a boy named Darshan and his best friend Kishan. One day, they were writing and Kishan’s led was broken. He asked Darshan, “Can you please give me an extra pencil to write?” Darshan gave him a pencil and Kishan wrote and gave it back. He said “Thanks” and Darshan said “You are welcome.”

Soon they became best friends. One day Kishan did not know Maths and Ramya ma’am told Darshan to teach Kishan. Darshan taught him. During English, Kishan was crying. Darshan asked him, “Why are you crying?” Kishan said, “I should go to my village and I will miss you very much.” Darshan gifted him a pen pencil.

Moral – We should be friendly always.

Written by Darshan, STD III. 

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The Little Girl

One day, there was a little girl called Ananya. She was 8 years old and she was born in Mandya. She was not sent to school as she was a bit different from everyone.

She was different from everyone because she was sleeping during mornings. She was woken up at night. Her family did not let her sleep during the night. She would watch TV or read story books.

The problem with her was she would become an evil girl if she slept at night. Her parents had experienced this before. She would be the scariest girl. So her parents decided not to let her sleep during the night. Actually, she did not even know about her problem.

There was a big problem. Her relatives home. There were four members, 3 uncles and one lady. They did not know about her problem. One day they saw her sleeping in the morning. They got really angry. They scolded her parents. Her parents tried to console the relatives. They were extremely angry as the pursued the path of ‘good manners’.

So, they made her wake up. She was really sleepy. They scolded her. She could not understand why they were scolding her. She thought that they had a problem with themselves.

By this time, it was night. At 9:30 pm they saw that Ananya was not sleeping but watching TV and reading a story book. Their temper was raised. They imposed on her to sleep. Her parents interrupted them and told them not to let her sleep. They relatives did not agree. The made her sleep vehemently.

It was 12:00 pm. Everyone had slept. There was a sound of bangles hitting each other incessantly and someone breathing heavily. Then again there was the sound of someone being smothered. All these sounds resonated in the house. Then suddenly, there was a scream.

Her parents got to know. They slept like they did not hear anything. The relatives got scared. They went with each other to look if someone was there but they only saw a shadow in the mirror. Suddenly, the current went off. They used a torch to see if anything was there. All the sounds started again. They were really scared. All the sounds were coming from Ananya’s room. So they went there.

They slowly opened the door. She was sitting with her hair in front and her legs turned the opposite way. She was making weird noises. They went near her, one behind the other.

Then they saw footprints on the wall. She was not there, she was on the wall. For the next minute, she was in front of their eyes with blood on her face.

They screamed and tried to run but one lady was being pulled by the evil girl. When they looked behind, there was no one. It pulled the lady into the room. She became unconscious in fear.

The other three ran to save themselves. When they were running, the evil girl followed them. Then, when one uncle stopped to rest, the evil girl made him float in the air. He screamed and felt smothered! He also became unconscious.

The other two ran from there. They went near the dining table to sit for some time. The uncle sat there and was tired and scared. The evil girl Ananya pushed the chair to the wall and made his head hit the wall several times. It started bleeding a bit. He also became unconscious.

Only the last uncle was left. He hid himself under the dining table for some time. He did not see the evil girl. He came out to see, then suddenly, a knife came too close to his neck. He would have died if it was any closer. He got really scared and he also became unconscious.

By that time, he had become 6:00 am. All the four relatives woke up at 7:00 am. They were really scared. They went to Ananya’s parents and apologised. Her parents consoled them and asked them to stay for a few more days. They disagreed. They left the house at 8:30 am without even telling Ananya.

The next day Ananya’s cousins came home. They saw that Ananya was sleeping in the morning. They were confused. They also vehemently made her sleep at night. Ananya put her head down AND WENT TO SLEEP AGAIN.

Written by Pragna, STD VII. 

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Magic Box

There was a boy named Alian. His family and him went for a picnic.

First, they went to a forest. When they were going in the car, they saw animals and the car stopped suddenly. Alian got down from the car. He was walking around the forest and he saw a cave. He went slowly. He heard a scary noise in the cave and he saw a palace inside the cave.

He walked into the forest and something was calling him, “Alian…” He searched everything in the palace and in the end he saw a box. That box was only calling Alian. The box told him to see the moon and open it. Alian did that only and he opened the magic box. He got so much jewellery and he wore it. That jewellery and the magic box told him to sit on the special chair. Alian sat on the chair and that chair made him a King.

Alian was happy.

Written by Vishwas, STD III. 

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Balu The Cracker

It was 18th October and Geena the cracker gave birth to Balu the cracker. Balu saw the new world and asked ”Mama, why have I been born at this time? Why is there light everywhere?” Geena said ”We are only born during this festival and everyone bursts us.”

Balu was shocked and asked ”Mommy am I also going to be burst?” Geena said ”No Balu you are so small so you are not going to be burst”.

Suddenly, Geena the cracker was taken and packed. Balu screamed ”Mommy please do not go!”. But unfortunately she was given to another.

The next day Balu saw there was smoke everywhere. Some people were injured. He thought , ”Deepavali is the festival of lights but why? People are polluting and getting injured by us”.

At the same time he saw his mother being burst. He was in pain thinking about how the environment is getting polluted.

At that time the cracker shop keeper took Balu, added some chemicals to him and made him a big cracker. Balu could not control the pain while chemicals were being added, he was crying.

One customer came and asked ”I want a big cracker!” The shopkeeper said ”Yes sir.” He gave him Balu, who was now a big cracker.

Balu was taken away by a customer to his house. He saw that everyone was lighting deepas. Suddenly, they took him. Balu got to know that it is the time to be burst. He prayed to God saying, “Oh God, I am very happy that all the children like me. But they don’t know how I am polluting the environment. So please make me a dumb cracker with no light or smoke.”

They took Balu and lit him. He was very scared but no smoke or sound came out of him. They took him and threw him out saying, “Hey! This is a dumb cracker.”

Balu thought, “Why did this happen?” He got to know that the chemical added to him was not perfect. He took a last breath and died saying, “I am very happy to die because I have not polluted the environment and saved many bird and animal lives.” Saying his last words he died.

Written by Dyuthi, STD VII. 








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The Bold Baby Bird

One day, in a forest, there was a tree house. In the tree house lived five baby birds. One day, when the babies were playing, one baby fell down from the tree house. The baby thought, “Where is my tree house?”

It moved forward to see it’s house. She moved forward and forward. She saw a lake. She went near that lake. She prayed to God. At night, she made a nest and slept in the nest. The next day, wherever she went, she kept moving on a track and in the meantime she saw her house.

In the tree house the four babies were crying. When the fifth baby came inside, the other babies hugged that baby and they played with each other.

Written by Akash, STD III. 

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A Tree House in the Forest

Once upon a time there lived a boy named Akash. It was his summer holidays. He went to a forest and there was a big tree with many fruits. He liked that tree and thought “I will build a tree house on the tree branch.” He slept for one night there.

In the morning he saw a hole in the tree and put his hand in that hole. A squirrel came out and he liked it. He asked, “What is your name?” The squirrel said, “My name is Siri.” They became good friends.

One night the squirrel and Akash slept in Akash’s tree house. In the morning, Akash was plucking some apples for Siri when she was sleeping. When Siri saw Akash plucking apples, she stopped Akash and said “Please do not pluck apples from the tree.” Akash never plucked any apple from the tree and they became the closest friends.

Written by Bhoomika, STD III. 

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A Children’s Day Request

Written by Siri, STD 3.

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My Life as a Dog

“My name is Tom and I was born on November 9th, 2005 in my village. After a few days I grew up and I went to the market. I asked the butcher man to give me some bones. But the butcher man said “Your tail is so small. I can’t give you bones. Come when your tail has grown.” I went to my house and I was sad.

Someone came, so I started barking. My mother came and said that he is my brother. I said sorry to him. I had a brother who was close to my age to play with me everyday. So I was very happy that I have a brother. We went to play.

While playing, I hurt my toe. Feeling pain and discomfort, I found tears began to flow. My brother ran and went to my house to call my mother. He came with my mother to put some water on my toe and we went to my house.

After a few days, my tail began to grow. My brother and I went to the market again and asked the butcher to give me some bones to eat. But he did not give. Suddenly a robber took a woman’s jewellery. I saw the robber, ran and bit his leg. He fell down and was caught by the police.

After this I went and asked the butcher again. He said, “You have a small tail but you are very brilliant.” He gave me some small bones to eat. The next day, he gave my brother some bones to eat on his birthday. I was so happy for my brother.

Moral – Appearance is not everything.

Written by Goutham, STD VI.