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The Story of Kundapur

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Once there was a village called Kota. One of the Gods, Swarnadurga, gave birth to a baby. The baby’s name was Mahakali. When she was 34 years old, she became a God. She married a prince named Brahmaputra. Brahmaputra was a very god finder. He would find everybody through their thoughts.

Mahakali decided to be a powerful God. At night, secretly, she was a powerful huntress and during the day she was a simple God. She had magical materials like a necklace, sarees and her magical flower.

One day she went of her house at night to fight with Aranya. Aranya troubled Mahakali. Mahakali killed Aranya with the help of Kalkutka, Yakshi, Raktheshwari and Higuli. But Aranya’s wife gave birth to a baby. The baby was also named Aranya because he also wanted to kill Mahakali.

Aranya went to a place called Saligrama next to Kota village. Mahakali came there with Raktheshwari and Yakshi. Mahakali decided to give Aranya one more chance. They took Aranya to the forest and left. He made friends with the animals. After three months, he came to a place called Sastana. Mahakali also came there with Kalkutka and Higuli. The animals also came with Aranya. An animal was going to stamp on Mahakali but Higuli and Kalkutka ate the animals. Seeing this, Aranya ran away. Aranya thought, “I should kill Mahakali.”

After one and a half months Aranya came to Basrur. Mahakali came with Panjurli to fight. Panjurli had a knife. He came behind Aranya and killed him.

Brahmaputra had found out Mahakali’s secret and wanted to trouble her. Mahakali got angry and called Rakteshwari, Yakshi, Kalkutka, Higuli and Panjurli to her house. Mahakali became a Naagabhootha and killed Brahmaputra. They made a village in Sowkur. They also had a friend called Durgaparameshwari. They made Durgaparameshwari as the main God.


Written by Mohith, STD IV. 

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My Summer Holidays

I went to my grandmother’s house in the summer holidays. My cousin Sanjana also came there. We both played together. We helped our grandmother. We gave her what she asked us.

We all went to ‘Martin’s Farm’. We saw a turkey, different types of birds and animals. In the evening they allowed us to feed animals like the horse, goat, sheep and donkey. One of the farm uncles taught me to climb the tree.

After some days we joined a chess class and learnt to play chess. Our grandmother taught us how to stitch. We learnt four types of stitching – hemming, pass stitch, button hole stitch and chain stitch. I went to Gadag with my grandmother and grandfather to attend a wedding. There I met a new friend, Sarayu. We enjoyed a lot.

After some days my mother and I went to Mantaralaya to attend another wedding. There we went to the Raghavendra Swamy temple. We went near the Tungabhadra river. There was no water because of the heat. My father took me to the animal kingdom.

Written by Bindu, STD II. 

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My Favourite Trip

I like to travel. Whenever I travel, it will be different and nice to see. In this Dasara vacation, I went to Malpe Beach, St Mary’s Island, Sakrebyle Elephant Camp and Kalatti Falls. My parents gave me a surprise when the trip started. We went with my father’s friends on the 8th of October.

My mother packed all the clothes last night. First, we went to Malpe Beach near Udupi. I played in the water for a long time with my friends. We also visited St Mary’s Island in a motor boat. It was a beautiful Island.

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Then we went to Shivamogga and on the way we went to Agumbe. It was raining heavily there. We stayed in a relative’s house. The next day, we went to Sakrebyle Elephant Camp. There were almost 20 elephants there. I enjoyed watching them and took pictures with them.

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On the way back, we visited Kalathgiri Falls and I enjoyed playing in the cold water there. Then we drove back home and reached late in the night.


This trip was the most memorable trip I ever had.

Written by Raghav, STD III. 

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Summer Holidays

During this summer vacation, I joined a swimming class in the morning at 6 o’clock. I would come back home at 8:30 am. Now I have learned swimming and I enjoyed a lot. After that even I went to my grandmother’s home for a fair on April 28. It was very beautiful to see the Goddess on the pallaki in the morning at 5 o’clock . My brother and I played all the games in the fair. We also purchased the toys.

Goddess Mohini on the palanquin

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The next day my father planned to go to Mysore on a trip and we all went in the car. We visited the Chamundashwari Temple. It is famous in Mysore.


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We also visited  Ranganathitu Bird Sanctuary. It is a home for birds. I saw different beautiful birds in the sanctuary. We  went boating and we saw lots of crocodiles in the river. My mother and I were very frightened and so the boatman said “Don’t be worried. They wont do anything. Be cool and keep silence.”

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After boating we visited KRS Dam and also we visited the Mysore Zoo. In the dam there was no water because there was no rain. In the zoo I saw a different types of  animals and we stayed for  two days in Mysore in the lodge. This summer holidays i enjoyed very much. I am  waiting for the next summer holidays .

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Written by Jashwanth, STD VI.

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My Summer Holidays

Hi everybody! I am going to write about my exciting summer holidays and you will really enjoy it. Let’s see what happens on my journey.

My father, mother, brother and I went to Davangere on 7th April in a KSRTC bus. In the morning, we went to my father’s friend’s house. We went in his car to a restaurant called Davangere Benne Dose for refreshments. The city is famous for many colleges and for its benne dose. There are many pigs there. It was the day of Ugadi. We went to the hotel and the benne dose was yummy. We went to Hospet and visited a lodge called Pai Residency. It was lunch time. We went to a nearby hotel and had a good lunch with ice cream.

Davangere Benne Dose
Benne Dosa at Davangere

In the evening, we went to Hampi and saw the Vijayavittala Temple. The next day we went to see scenery and the water dances at the Tungabhadra dam. It was very nice. We ate our dinner at an Andhra restaurant. It was a simple, but nice hotel. We went to sleep in the lodge.

Vijayavittala Temple

The next day we again went to Hampi. It was very hot. We saw many places: Virupaksha Temple, Krishna Temple, Hajara Ramachandra Temple, Watch Tower, Elephant Stable etc.

Virupaksha Temple

We went to Chitradurga. Midway, we went to a dhaba. We ate egg rice, roti and biryani. It was very delicious. We again started our journey. I saw many windmills on the hills. We reached Chitradurga and it was very cold because of the rain. Chitradurga was full of stones. It was like a stone fort.  Madakarinayaka was the ruler of Chitradurga, we went inside the fort. All the things were made of stones such as walls, steps, floor, houses of soldiers and temples. We saw the map midway of Chitradurga. Next, we saw the Hidambana Jokaali, Bhimathirtha, Hidamba temple and Banshankari temple. Next we saw the Akkana Gundi and Tangina Gundi. It was very deep and it can store 12 years of water.

Chitradurga Fort

Next we saw the Onake Obbavana Kindhi. We came out of the kindhi like the soldiers because there was a way to come out from the kindhi. From there we went back to a Devi’s temple. That temple’s goddess was smiling and it was very beautiful. Then we went back to our car. Then we went to Devanagere again. It was night when we reached. My father’s friend left us in a residency called Gandharva and went to his house. We ate in the non- vegetarian hotel. The food was very nice. We slept inside the residency.

Next day we went to Hari Hara. It was very beautiful. The sculpture was excellent. From there we went to Tunga dam and it was nice. Next we went to a bird’s sanctuary. Only cranes were there. Next we went to Sakkare Bayle. It was time up and no elephant was there. Next we saw Agumbe. It was very risky. We went to my village, Karkala. We went for weddings, the temple and Savira Kambada Basadi. Then I went to my grandmother’s house. There I went for many weddings, folk dances and one beach. I also watched TV, watched what my grandmother was doing, read books, drew and went to the forest with my grandfather. I also drank one lemon juice every day. I enjoyed my holidays very much!

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Written by Milind STD III