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The Little Girl

One day, there was a little girl called Ananya. She was 8 years old and she was born in Mandya. She was not sent to school as she was a bit different from everyone.

She was different from everyone because she was sleeping during mornings. She was woken up at night. Her family did not let her sleep during the night. She would watch TV or read story books.

The problem with her was she would become an evil girl if she slept at night. Her parents had experienced this before. She would be the scariest girl. So her parents decided not to let her sleep during the night. Actually, she did not even know about her problem.

There was a big problem. Her relatives home. There were four members, 3 uncles and one lady. They did not know about her problem. One day they saw her sleeping in the morning. They got really angry. They scolded her parents. Her parents tried to console the relatives. They were extremely angry as the pursued the path of ‘good manners’.

So, they made her wake up. She was really sleepy. They scolded her. She could not understand why they were scolding her. She thought that they had a problem with themselves.

By this time, it was night. At 9:30 pm they saw that Ananya was not sleeping but watching TV and reading a story book. Their temper was raised. They imposed on her to sleep. Her parents interrupted them and told them not to let her sleep. They relatives did not agree. The made her sleep vehemently.

It was 12:00 pm. Everyone had slept. There was a sound of bangles hitting each other incessantly and someone breathing heavily. Then again there was the sound of someone being smothered. All these sounds resonated in the house. Then suddenly, there was a scream.

Her parents got to know. They slept like they did not hear anything. The relatives got scared. They went with each other to look if someone was there but they only saw a shadow in the mirror. Suddenly, the current went off. They used a torch to see if anything was there. All the sounds started again. They were really scared. All the sounds were coming from Ananya’s room. So they went there.

They slowly opened the door. She was sitting with her hair in front and her legs turned the opposite way. She was making weird noises. They went near her, one behind the other.

Then they saw footprints on the wall. She was not there, she was on the wall. For the next minute, she was in front of their eyes with blood on her face.

They screamed and tried to run but one lady was being pulled by the evil girl. When they looked behind, there was no one. It pulled the lady into the room. She became unconscious in fear.

The other three ran to save themselves. When they were running, the evil girl followed them. Then, when one uncle stopped to rest, the evil girl made him float in the air. He screamed and felt smothered! He also became unconscious.

The other two ran from there. They went near the dining table to sit for some time. The uncle sat there and was tired and scared. The evil girl Ananya pushed the chair to the wall and made his head hit the wall several times. It started bleeding a bit. He also became unconscious.

Only the last uncle was left. He hid himself under the dining table for some time. He did not see the evil girl. He came out to see, then suddenly, a knife came too close to his neck. He would have died if it was any closer. He got really scared and he also became unconscious.

By that time, he had become 6:00 am. All the four relatives woke up at 7:00 am. They were really scared. They went to Ananya’s parents and apologised. Her parents consoled them and asked them to stay for a few more days. They disagreed. They left the house at 8:30 am without even telling Ananya.

The next day Ananya’s cousins came home. They saw that Ananya was sleeping in the morning. They were confused. They also vehemently made her sleep at night. Ananya put her head down AND WENT TO SLEEP AGAIN.

Written by Pragna, STD VII. 

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Book Review: ‘Go Ahead Secret Seven’

My favourite book is ‘Go Ahead Secret Seven’. In this story, there is a community called Secret Seven. There are seven members in it and they solve mysteries. In this story, robbers rob costly dogs and sell them to others. The seven members get to know and start making plans to trap them. The secret seven felt sad when the dogs were put in prison. However, they did an excellent job of trapping the thieves. The head of the community and Peter’s dog helped to find the thieves. They used codes like ‘bonfire’.

I liked the bravery of the children and the way they used their brains to rescue the dogs. They were not fighting for leadership. They discussed in a very nice manner. They did not interrupt when someone else was talking. I didn’t dislike anything as the story was exciting and interesting.

I think everyone should read Secret Seven books. It teaches us to be brave, how to use our brains, how to communicate with others and the hard work of a team.

Written by Yuktha, STD VI.