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If I Were A Cloud…

If I would become a cloud, I would fly in the air and visit many places, planets and galaxies.

On one such visit to Defranco, I saw many aliens. They took me around their monuments, oceans and they showed me their weapons which were very advanced. The aliens gave me a precious gem that would help me do impossible things. I returned to earth when I noticed some dragons trying to steal the earth’s core.

I raced around asking for help to save my planet but everybody took a glance at it and ignored me. I went to the sun and asked for help. It gave me a ball through which many people could come out safe. Next I went to the seasons and asked monsoon to attack the fire dragon, the summer to attack the electric dragon, atom to attack the frost dragon, winter to attack the fairy dragon and spring to attack the psychic dragon and the earth was saved.

I became very good friends with the seasons. But I had grown too heavy because of the running around and rained very heavily.

Written by Nagakiran, STD VI. 

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A Review: My Social Science Class

On June 15th, in our social science class, we started a new chapter in civics where we discussed about democracy. Before that, my social science teacher ______ ma’am said that she doesn’t like it when children have no opinions or when adults don’t ask children about their inner feelings, likes and dislikes. Of course our parents are there but they are involved in hustling about with their own work. Also, this is the biggest problem with adults and children. This one statement made me think out of the box. This is true when I reflected on it. It is the reality. This is what we go through and what we sometimes don’t realise. This is where the communication gap takes place in between adults and children. Isn’t it true?

This was the first thing that pulled me into my teacher’s favourite subject, civics. Of course all the students moaned and gave up being interested in the class. I liked how teachers pull their students into their world of studies through conversation and that is their talent! After that, ma’am told us about the French revolution where people were suffering through monarchy in a story. Everybody was interested when she said she was going to tell us a story. All of us had only one thought while the story was going on and that was imagining how people suffered. This was an interesting, imaginative and thoughtful class for all of us. The civics chapter showed us its beauty: you can see what you study all around you and I understood this beauty.

Written by Gayathri, STD VII.

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Poor Little Goat

I was a goat,

Who was on the boat.

I was tied,

To be killed and fried.


I had lost my parents,

For whom it happened like me.

A man was holding me,

But I tried to become free.


They took me to a butcher,

Who was whacking meat on the furniture.

He stared at me, like I was a thief,

But stopped when checking my weight.


He chopped off my head,

Like I was a piece of bread.

This what happens to goats,

Before they became ghosts.

Written by Shishir, STD VII.

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My Summer Holidays

I went to my grandmother’s house in the summer holidays. My cousin Sanjana also came there. We both played together. We helped our grandmother. We gave her what she asked us.

We all went to ‘Martin’s Farm’. We saw a turkey, different types of birds and animals. In the evening they allowed us to feed animals like the horse, goat, sheep and donkey. One of the farm uncles taught me to climb the tree.

After some days we joined a chess class and learnt to play chess. Our grandmother taught us how to stitch. We learnt four types of stitching – hemming, pass stitch, button hole stitch and chain stitch. I went to Gadag with my grandmother and grandfather to attend a wedding. There I met a new friend, Sarayu. We enjoyed a lot.

After some days my mother and I went to Mantaralaya to attend another wedding. There we went to the Raghavendra Swamy temple. We went near the Tungabhadra river. There was no water because of the heat. My father took me to the animal kingdom.

Written by Bindu, STD II. 

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The Serpent’s Shadow

“When do we land there? Go faster!” said Shishir and Suhas. “This boat never goes fast. You don’t know what speed I am going at.” said Bhavani. “We must pass through Bermuda triangle to reach the island. Hang on!” They passed through the triangle with very hard work. They were the first ones to pass the Bermuda triangle. They were very happy. When they reached the island and pulled the boat,  Shishir said, “I have heard that there is a very strong, red, ten headed snake which lives here.” Hearing this Suhas got scared. “I… I don’t think that we must put up a tent and trek there. Let’s go back.” Bhavani responded “What?! You think that we should go back after coming a long way till here? NO!”

The three friends went inside the forest a bit. “I think we must put up the tent here” said Shishir. Now they were in middle of the forest. They decided to be there till they leave the place. After some days, when they wanted to hunt, all the three of them went together as a team.

But as they went, they saw that some dead people were there. A huge amount of them. All of them were surprised at the size of the humans.

There was a man in the middle, crying. He was dressed as king. Shishir asked “Who are you and why are you crying?” The man said “The people and I, who are my size, are called the “Enormous Ants”. I am crying because the Kingdom of a Snake lives near the Bermuda triangle. He comes from the sea to our island. He is looking for an artefact which is only found here. He needs it to suck the power of it and rule the whole world. He has already conquered the Bermuda triangle which is why it is destroyed. He calls himself a serpent. He has an infinity army of poisonous snakes. He is going to wage a war after a week and I have only 300 soldiers” said the King. The three friends decided to help him. Shishir said, “We cant’t defeat him in the war. We must kill him before the war.” All of them accepted.

It took six days for preparations for the mission. The seventh day was the war. Suhas was sent to kill the Serpent. Luckily, Suhas found the Serpent with his powerful magic wand. Suhas had a knife and a rocket launcher. As the Serpent came from the shore he tried to kill him by pushing the knife through him. He was alive but not able to move. Suhas stepped a bit far and screamed and shot his rocket launcher saying “Asthala – bistha -BOOOOOM!!!!” Suhas shot the serpent and killed him. He said this to the King of the team “ Enormous Ants”. He could not control his happiness and jumped up and down.

The three friends sighed and happily left the island of forest. They brought happiness to them. The island of “Enormous Ants” was filled with harmony, peace, happiness and good kingship forever.

Written by Akash, STD VI.