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The True Murderers

“What are you doing there? Wait! Wait!” says a cop to two members. But why is he shouting at them? Come, let’s go and have a look. We see a dead body of a man. He  is completely bloody. His face is scratched. We can see the finger marks. We can see only the ear and some hair and half his face. It was arduous to recognise who the man was. But who killed him, was it the two members who were standing here, but who is it? We will examine this.

I am Remo and this my friend Daru Darling. We are good friends. We love adventures. We have solved many adventures. And now we are looking forward to finding out about this murder, taking it has an adventure.

“Daru Darling quick!” I told friend. We came to the spot where the murder man was or where the man was murdered. But he wasn’t there. “Where is he Remo?” asked Daru impatiently. “Be calm we can find him and we will!” I told him. Daru said- “But how”, I- “Wait and see Darling”. There were a lot of drops of blood. Darling and I started tracking the blood drops and it went into a forest. “Darling quick. Look at this”- said I. “What is special in this? It’s just the end of blood and there are some car wheels’ prints, yeah car wheels!!!!!!”- said Daru excitedly. “You TUBELIGHT. I meant that!!”- said I. “Ok! Ok!”- said Daru.

“Come let’s track it.” said Daru. “But- but we must first get ready to take up the risk of danger no Darling” said I. “I have some weapons, look!” said Daru. “Pah! You have used your big brains at least now. Great!!!” said I. “Quick it’s getting late! Quick!” said Daru. “It’s already late Darling!” said I. “Ok then tomorrow early in the morning we have to come here and inspect.” said Daru. “I see you’re extremely fascinated by this murder case. Aren’t you?” said I. “Are you kidding? You know that we LOVE adventures, don’t you? Ok come let’s go home.” said Daru. Both of us went home and had a good sleep.

Around 12:00am I heard something creak. I woke up. I saw someone of Darling’s height. He was afraid of something, I knew it only by his speed of walking. He walked so fast that I was not able to see clearly who was it but I could guess that he was only a man!!!! But who is he, “Daru Darling wake up and look!!!!!” said I. But Daru did not wake up. What is the man doing around here? He looked at our home and started running. But why at our home? What is going on? I was not able wake Daru up. He was fast asleep. I did not wait for a long time, I picked up my mobile phone and started following that strange man.

He walked for a long time and finally stopped. He looked around and started rubbing something on the ground. I looked around me to see where I was. I was inside the forest, inside the forest where we saw the blood drops and car wheels’ prints. Is this man a spy? Does he know about our inspection? But, how? There is someone around signalling in the forest.

I stayed there in the forest, till the morning, thinking that I might forget the route because the forest goes into different routes in the beginning, from the one we had used in the morning. I was not able to sleep that night, being afraid of another spy. Almost early the morning, I called Daru Darling and informed what had happened last night. He came as soon as possible and saw that the marks were all gone. We started walking in only in one direction, just straight, only because there was no other route for a four-wheeled vehicle to travel. We were really tensed about where the route would come up to.

To our surprise it led to our home. We had not anticipated that the way would lead to our own house. “But how to our home it’s all something to do with that man whom you saw last night. “Yeah! Look over there. A huge man standing there?” asked I. “Do I know it? I have been with you from this morning! How will I know it?” said Daru with a red face.

“Cool Darling cool!” said I. We went and stood in front of the huge man. He was taller than Daru. He was not the one whom I saw. That man was different from this man. Then suddenly, by the time I could finish thinking that huge man pushed us down, he was so strong. He was just like a bodyguard of a film star. When we stood back again, he pushed us back again. Suddenly he picked us up and said sorry. “Sorry MASTER, sorry did it hurt you?” said the man. “MA- MAS- MASTER?” said Daru looking at me very scared. I was shocked. DARU- MASTER- THE MAN, what’s the link. Then the man with no one’s suggestion opened the door. It smelled very gross. It was the murdered man here in our house, it’s impossible. “Who put him here?” I yelled.

       “It was my MA-MAS-MASTER” said the man. “You… cheater. I trusted you very much and now you have broken your trust. You…. cheater!!!” Said I angrily. “Yes, girl I murdered him, and now he is here” said Daru. I took a spade out and went forward to hit him. But the man came in between and held the spade. I used my leg with which I kicked him back. I punched Daru. He came to punch me but bad luck since I knew KARATE. Daru was purple and blue for doing such a thing. He ran away. When we were had been fighting the huge man had dug a pit and had buried the dead body there. I did not get a chance to see who the dead man was. But before I asked the huge man, he also ran away with his MASTER, Daru.

I was extremely tired. I went home, had a hot bath and switched on the television to see the news. To my shock there was this news “TAMIL ACTOR SIVAKARTHIKEYAN IS MISSING. IF YOU COME ACROSS HIM, CALL 9535449976.” I cried a lot. He is my best hero. I wanted to meet him at least once on my life. It’s all bad news for me. SK- SK where on earth are you?

When I said this, there was the bell ringing loudly. I went and opened it crying, thinking that it was Daru, but it was- it was SIVAKARTHIKEYAN out there. I was surprised and was speechless. I stopped crying. Then there was my phone ringing, I picked it up, it was Daru. He said that he had murdered SK. It was silly! I said that SK was with me. I said that he was mad and kept the phone.

SK confessed that he was only the soul. He said that he was truly murdered by Daru. I was shocked. But how can I one see one’s soul? SK said that it was all to do with my love for SK. I was surprised to hear that I was only the one to love SK or any other actor in this world. I lived a happy life with SK’s soul. He helped me win medals by tricks and made me get a job. He was with me until my death. Even after my death we were friends as souls. Till now we don’t know where on earth Daru Darling is. I must thank him for killing SK. If he had not killed SK then he wouldn’t have met me and we wouldn’t have been true friends. Thank you very much Daru Darling.

Written by Shalini, STD VII. 

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Lion, Monkey, Elephant and Tiger

Once, there was a tiger named Sherkhan. He was very rude. He did not want any friends. He did not have manners.

One day, a lion, monkey and elephant were playing near Sherkhan’s house. Sherkhan opened the door and came outside. He saw the monkey, lion and elephant playing. He went near them and said “Don’t play near my house” rudely. He went inside his house. The monkey, lion and elephant were so sad and they went to their houses.

The next day, a hunter came to hunt the animals. Sherkhan got up and opened the door. The monkey, lion and elephant came near Sherkhan’s house to play. Sherkhan saw that side and this side. The hunter came to hunt Sherkhan. At that time, the monkey, lion and elephant also saw the hunter. They didn’t allow him to hunt Sherkhan. The monkey screeched, the elephant stamped the hunter’s leg and the lion bit his hand. The hunter ran and sat in his car. The hunter could not come out again.

Sherkhan thanked the monkey, lion and elephant. Sherkhan said, “You helped me, I am sorry I talked to you rudely.” They said, “Its okay Sherkhan.” Sherkhan asked their names. They monkey said “My name is Hipro.” The lion said “My name is Simh.” They elephant said “My name is Elly.” They played happily and were happy together.

Written by Siri, STD II. 

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The Diary of a Free Caged Bird: 2

I am back and I want to talk about my experience watching my favourite actor, Sivakarthikeyan’s movies and also about him.

Sivakarthikeyan is a Tamil actor. He is a recent actor. In just four years he has acted in ten movies. In his first movie, he was a comedian. I liked his comedy but not the story of the film. It’s okay, it was his first experience acting in a movie. But, to my and everyone’s surprise, his other nine movies in which he was the main hero were all 100 day blockbuster movies.

After watching his movies, I would come out with tears on my cheeks, one, because of the emotional scenes, and two, because of laughing at his comedies. His movies were balanced with the right amount of comedy, romance, songs, emotions and morals which made his movies hit 100 days.

One of my favourite movies of his is called Kaaki Sattai. This movie is all about being a sincere police officer.

His movies are;

  1. – All about love. He is just a comedian.
  2. Marina – About love.
  3. Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga – About friendship and a father’s love.
  4. Ethir Neechal – About sports.
  5. Maan Karate – About boxing.
  6. Hanah Kotti Paravai – About love.
  7. Rajini Murugan – About friendship and a grandfather’s love.
  8. Remo – All about love.
  9. Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam – All about love.

  10. Kaaki Sattai – About the police.

I think all his movies mentioned above talk about morals for life and I think the life led by people in his movies are in some way or the other related to me. Most of you don’t know him for he is a recent actor but soon you see he will be a superstar for life.

More than his films’ stories, I like his character. He doesn’t live a very rich life but he is just like one of us. When he sends any tweets, there are always two main words: ‘sisters’ and ‘brothers’.

I think you know about Jayalalitha, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu who passed away recently. When he went for her funeral, he entered from the side of the people. But on the other hand, there was another actor who stood in front of Jayalalitha’s dead body and started blessing people. But Sivakarthikeyan is not someone who blesses people but someone who is blessed by the people.

I wish I could meet him at least once in my life!

See you soon my brothers, sisters and friends!

Written by S.