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Book Review: ‘Go Ahead Secret Seven’

My favourite book is ‘Go Ahead Secret Seven’. In this story, there is a community called Secret Seven. There are seven members in it and they solve mysteries. In this story, robbers rob costly dogs and sell them to others. The seven members get to know and start making plans to trap them. The secret seven felt sad when the dogs were put in prison. However, they did an excellent job of trapping the thieves. The head of the community and Peter’s dog helped to find the thieves. They used codes like ‘bonfire’.

I liked the bravery of the children and the way they used their brains to rescue the dogs. They were not fighting for leadership. They discussed in a very nice manner. They did not interrupt when someone else was talking. I didn’t dislike anything as the story was exciting and interesting.

I think everyone should read Secret Seven books. It teaches us to be brave, how to use our brains, how to communicate with others and the hard work of a team.

Written by Yuktha, STD VI. 

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Book Review: The Family at Red Roofs

I loved reading “The Family at the Red Roofs”. It is a very interesting story that all of us must read.

I was eagerly waiting for when the Jackson family would shift their house to the Red Roofs. I was so into the story that I began to think that I was one of the characters. However, there were parts which I did not want to read but just skip. But, I had to read it to move forward.

I did not like Mrs. Jackson falling ill and all her children- Molly, Peter, Shirley and Michael working. I did not like Molly being treated harshly by Penny’s aunt. I did not like Peter working in an office that he never liked. I did not want Shirley to be an errand girl and Michael to work very hard rather than doing his investigation.

I never like the children to lose their ambitions. Molly being a teacher, Peter being a doctor and Shirley and Michael going to school were all into the dustbins.

The first thing that worried me was about Mr. Jackson’s death. I never thought that something like that would happen.

However, he was alive and not dead. I liked this the most. I liked Mrs. Jackson coming back home. I liked the little dog – Bundle. To say in short I liked the whole story.

I learnt about helping people. I learnt even a small girl or boy can earn money, like Shirley. I learnt that we should not be rude or feel superior, like Penny. I learnt about how to live one’s life happily.

Written by Shalini, STD VII.

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Book Review: The Put-Em Rights

It is very interesting to read books. I always read story books. My parents don’t allow me to watch TV. They have even cut our cable connection. So I read books and know about the world. I recently read “The Put-Em Rights” by Enid Blyton. I will talk about it here.

Put-Em Rights is a very interesting and inspiring story. It teaches us many things. I learnt many things and loved many things except for a few parts.

I liked the Tramping Preacher who, in the beginning, inspired the young children to make their country develop. I never thought that bossy Sally would plan the idea of a band to put things right. I liked the name of the band “The Put-Em Rights” even though it sounds strange. I found the name interesting. I was looking forward to knowing more about the band and what they did after reading about the name of the band.

I learnt to help people through Amanda. She helped Francis and Mrs Potts to clean the big cottage which was filled with dirt. I liked that she came forward to clean Emily. I never thought this lazy girl Amanda would do so much. I was also lazy like her but now I help others.

I learnt to treat animals as equals, like we treat human beings through Micky. He was a sweet boy who cared for the dog Midge and saved it from Fellin. He bought it a collar, food and in the end he bought it from Fellin. He was a sweet hearted boy.

I learnt that I can talk to my parents freely through Dodge. He went in front of his father and talked to him about turning the Tupps family out of the house.

I learnt to think critically through Yolande who thought about helping Dodge with his problem, to influence his father to say no to turning the Tupps out of the house.

I learnt not to be bossy through Sally. She was really bossy and didn’t complete her task.

I learnt not to say anything to anyone when I have promised through Bobby. He spoke about his band to his dear mother and she spread it all over. Finally it was Bobby who was hurt by this.

I didn’t like that the secrets of the Put-Em Rights was spread all over. I also wanted it to be a secret and wanted the people to praise the Put-Em Rights. I didn’t like them being teased by the villagers.

I like all the six Put-Em Rights changing their own behaviour. I liked them putting themselves right first and trying to help out after that. I would like to start a band like them. First I’ll remember to put myself right and then others. I would like to start one.

Written by Shalini, STD VII. 

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Book Review: The Fly Away Cottage

I liked this book. I was very eager to read this book before I actually read it because I have read many books by the same author – such as The Old Scarecrow and Mr Icy Cold. They were all very interesting. I get very entertained while reading these types of books. I feel like I have gone inside the story and I am talking with fairies and dwarves. I also feel like someone is telling me a story. My favourite story in this collection of stories is ‘The Surprising Bunny’.

Written by Milind, STD III. 

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My Book Review: The Secret Seven

The Secret Seven Book 1 is a perfect story book for 11 or 12 year old children. It is all about solving mysteries. Peter, Janet, Jack, Barbara, Pam, Colin and George are ready to solve a mystery any time.

Peter is a strict leader. If others do not wear their badges or forget the password, Peter does not allow them inside. I think even my friends and I should prepare a badge and keep a password for the secrets that we have. It is really interesting.

Enid Blyton has written nice and enjoyable stories, especially The Secret Seven. It is amazing. Here is a list of the characters:

  • Peter: Very strict and intelligent.
  • Janet: Very excited.
  • Jack: Interesting child.
  • Barbara: Serious
  • Pam: Excited
  • George: Thinks of new ideas to solve mysteries.
  • Colin

Written by Pragna, STD VI.


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My Book Review: George’s Marvellous Medicine

When I took this book I was thinking about what this must be and when I started reading the book it was very interesting. I got to know how an eleven-year-old boy had difficulty with his grandmother. His grandmother was annoying so the boy decided to make a medicine which no other doctors or scientists could find. When he was thinking about what to put in his own and new medicine, he had an idea. That idea was to put whatever he got. He put some lizards, shampoo, crabs, etc. He made it very differently. He did this because his grandma was scolding him all the time.

When I read this book I was feeling bad for that boy. It was an adventurous book. I felt good reading the book. I also thought about writing a book like this. I loved reading the book!

Written by Sinchana, STD VI.