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My Life as a Dog

“My name is Tom and I was born on November 9th, 2005 in my village. After a few days I grew up and I went to the market. I asked the butcher man to give me some bones. But the butcher man said “Your tail is so small. I can’t give you bones. Come when your tail has grown.” I went to my house and I was sad.

Someone came, so I started barking. My mother came and said that he is my brother. I said sorry to him. I had a brother who was close to my age to play with me everyday. So I was very happy that I have a brother. We went to play.

While playing, I hurt my toe. Feeling pain and discomfort, I found tears began to flow. My brother ran and went to my house to call my mother. He came with my mother to put some water on my toe and we went to my house.

After a few days, my tail began to grow. My brother and I went to the market again and asked the butcher to give me some bones to eat. But he did not give. Suddenly a robber took a woman’s jewellery. I saw the robber, ran and bit his leg. He fell down and was caught by the police.

After this I went and asked the butcher again. He said, “You have a small tail but you are very brilliant.” He gave me some small bones to eat. The next day, he gave my brother some bones to eat on his birthday. I was so happy for my brother.

Moral – Appearance is not everything.

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The Morbid Treasure

Once there lived a king named Golu. He was very greedy. He wanted more and more money. He never contributed his money to his kingdom and he only wanted his money to be saved. He was so greedy that when people came to his court to solve their problems, he used to take money, like an entry fee. When people asked him for money, he never used to listen, he would go to his room with carelessness. The people were tired of this misery.

There was a well known intelligent person known as Molu and he always helped people.  One day the people asked him to solve this problem. He had a plan of keeping treasure made up of snakes in the forest.  He told the king that there is a treasure in the scary forest. People went to this forest but never came back.

The king decided to go to the forest bravely. He decided to take his family also. He only wanted money so he took his family and if his family died, he he would get the money he would be happy. He also took eight soldiers.

He reached there and entered the forest. Then he had to pass the maze where all roads looked exactly similar but led to different ways. There were five of them. he got scared about what to do. Then he sent four soldiers in different ways and went in the middle one with his four soldiers, his family i.e. his two sons and his wife.

Then he went to the second maze that was crossing a river full of crocodiles. Then he sent four soldiers to kill the crocodiles. They killed the crocodiles and also were killed. Then the king had to finish the last one. He had to catch the invisible fly which appeared every ten seconds. The place was filled with three traps. Then the king amd his family went to catch it. His family got stuck in the traps and died. Then he caught the fly. He had passed all the mazes but his family and soldiers had died.

Then when he opened the chest, what did he get? Only a paper and a dead snake. Then when he read the paper it said “Golu do not be greedy. Now you have lost your family and soldiers. Can you make them come alive with your money? That’s why people say that greed is bad for health.” Then Golu understood he only had money no family. He could not make them come alive with that money. He learnt a lesson not to be greedy. He started contributing most of his money to his people.

Written by Shishir, VII STD

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Hi guys, do you remember me writing about Bhootha Kola? Well, I told you that there are three cultures. Today, I will write about the second culture, ‘Yakshagana’, the pride of Tulunadu .

Yakshagana, which means – ‘Yaksha’ – demigods and ‘gana’ – songs, is one of the best folk dances of Tulunadu.

Yaksha 4

Yakshagana [Tulu-Aata, Sanskrit-Yakshagana] is a traditional theatre form that combines dance, music, dialogues, costume, make-up and stage techniques in a unique form mainly found in Tulunadu. Yakshagana is traditionally presented from dusk to dawn.

Yakshagana was there from Madhvacharya’s period. Madhvacharya is the founder of the Astha Mathas of the temple town of Udupi. When Yakshagana is performed in an open theatre, it  is called ‘Bayalata. When Yakshagana is performed in houses with minimum participants, it is called ‘Chikka Mela’.

In earlier days, when monsoon came, there was no entertainment like mobiles, television and computer which we have now. The only entertainment was Chikka Mela Yakshagana, which was, coming to houses and performing Yakshagana.

Yaksha 2

In Yakshagana, they perform based on mythological themes most of the time. For example, Devi Mahatme, Swarnadurge Mahatme, Kateelashwari Mahatme, Mahishasura vade, Sri Krishna Sudhanva Prasanga, Venkatesh Mahime, Shabharimale Mahatme, Sampoorna Ramayana,Dashavatara, Shani Mahatme. Etc.

There are two types of dance forms. Badaguthittu and Tenkutittu. Badaguthittu is famous in Uttara Kannada and Kundapura district. In this, the person who beats the Chende (a long drum) sits and beats it. Tenkatittu is famous in Udupi and Dakshina Kannada. In Badaguthittum, the person who beats the chende stands and beats it. Their costume and dance is also different.

yaksha 5.jpg

There are many melas of Yakshagana. Melas are the organizations which perform Yakshagana. Dharmasthala Mela, Sowkur Mela, Saligrama Mela, Perudooru Mela, Karnataka Mela, Siri Mela, Goola Garadi Saasthana Mela etc.

Once, I went to Devi Mahatme Yakshagana at Vishwanatha Temple, Katapady. There, the Yakshagana had not yet begun. I wanted to see the make – up, so my aunt and my mother took my brother and me to the green room . There the Chowki puja or Ganesh puja was about to begin. Chowki puja is the puja in which all the performers pray so that the program will be a great success. In this puja, they pray to Lord Ganesha before the Yakshagana. In the Yakshagana, streetsellers sell toys, ice-creams, groundnuts, churmuri etc. The Yakshagana is performed in Tulu and Kannada. After the Yakshagana, they do a puja called ‘mangalaarati’.

Some temples such as Dharmasthala, Kateel etc. are having their own melas to celebrate the fulfillment of the vow of their devotes. For example Kateel Temple has 6 teams of Yakshagana which perform Yakshagana at different places from November to May  to fulfill the vow of their devotes. Devotes have to wait 4-5 years after booking their Yakshagana for ‘Devi Mahathme’ performance by Kateel Mela.

Now Yakshagana is commercialized with Tent Melas where the entrance is restricted  with an entrance ticket and the performance will be held from dawn to dusk. Now old traditional Yakshagana form is changed with new adaptations. They have introduced social causes and themes in their Yakshagana to catch up with drama and cinemas. However as per my experience Yakshagana is one of the best folk dance cultures.

Shivram Karanth who got the Jnaanapeetha award, was a great choreographer  of Yakshagana. He has passed away but his Yakshagana teaching techniques are remembered by the people till now.

I like Yakshagana because it tells us mythological stories in an interesting way. They also make some jokes in the Yakshagana, which makes the Yakshagana funny and interesting.

I get very scared watching the  ‘Mahishasura Vade’ yakshagana because the demon ‘Mahishasura’ comes running from the other end of the road carrying one fat stick tied by cloth and burnt in each of  the hands.

The Yakshagana costume is very heavy. The special Yakshagana crown is very heavy. They wear clothes on top of each other which makes the clothes heavy. The make up of the demons look very scary.

Yaksha 1.jpg

Altogether, I like Yakshagana very much.

Written by Milind, STD IV. 

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The Mystery Cycle

There was a girl named Avantika. She was a very beautiful and cool minded girl. When she would go to play outside, she was very disappointed because she did not have a cycle.

One day, her friend Geetha said, “Ha! Avanthika see my father bought me a new cycle and I am very happy. But what to do, you don’t have one. Very sad.”When she spoke like that Avantika was very disappointed and went crying to her house.

When she entered her house, her mother said, “Go wash your face and have your coffee.” Since she was in a bad mood and was angry, she shouted, “I don’t want anything!” Seeing this her mother was very shocked and said, “Avantika, I know you want a cycle, so I am buying you a cycle as a birthday gift.” Hearing this, Avantika was very happy and hugged her mother. She went to sleep.

It was the morning of 4th October. It was Avantika’s birthday! Her mother wished her and brought her down and said, “Avantika see there is your cycle!” She rushed towards it and went for a ride. When she went outside, the cycle started going in it’s own direction. Suddenly it got dark and Avantika was screaming! 

The cycle’s handle started moving like the hands of an old man with long nails. It came towards her face and made gestures like ‘come’. She was very scared and the wheels of the cycle started flying towards the sky! She was very excited and screamed “Ho! Hooooo!” She saw the whole world from above and saw birds saying hi to her. Her seat suddenly started growing higher and made her sit in the clouds. She was feeling very comfortable and soft. soft, soft. Suddenly the seat dropped and she was falling, falling, falling.

She screamed and opened her eyes! It was the morning of 2nd October. She said “Aiyo! It is only 2nd October” and went downstairs.

Written by Dyuthi, STD VII.

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The Magic House

Once upon a time, there was an old house. There lived a witch in that house. She made a lot of potions and one of them was a flying one!

One day she accidentally dropped that bottle and went out. The bottle spread around the house and the house started flying all around the town! Everyone was shocked! They had never seen such a spectacle.

They went to the witch’s house but the witch was not there. So they went to the place where the witch was. They asked her why the house was flying. The witch did not know about it. She went to town, brought her house down and put the potion back in its place again!

Written by Aishwarya, STD III. 

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If I Were A Cloud…

If I would become a cloud, I would fly in the air and visit many places, planets and galaxies.

On one such visit to Defranco, I saw many aliens. They took me around their monuments, oceans and they showed me their weapons which were very advanced. The aliens gave me a precious gem that would help me do impossible things. I returned to earth when I noticed some dragons trying to steal the earth’s core.

I raced around asking for help to save my planet but everybody took a glance at it and ignored me. I went to the sun and asked for help. It gave me a ball through which many people could come out safe. Next I went to the seasons and asked monsoon to attack the fire dragon, the summer to attack the electric dragon, atom to attack the frost dragon, winter to attack the fairy dragon and spring to attack the psychic dragon and the earth was saved.

I became very good friends with the seasons. But I had grown too heavy because of the running around and rained very heavily.

Written by Nagakiran, STD VI. 

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The Serpent’s Shadow

“When do we land there? Go faster!” said Shishir and Suhas. “This boat never goes fast. You don’t know what speed I am going at.” said Bhavani. “We must pass through Bermuda triangle to reach the island. Hang on!” They passed through the triangle with very hard work. They were the first ones to pass the Bermuda triangle. They were very happy. When they reached the island and pulled the boat,  Shishir said, “I have heard that there is a very strong, red, ten headed snake which lives here.” Hearing this Suhas got scared. “I… I don’t think that we must put up a tent and trek there. Let’s go back.” Bhavani responded “What?! You think that we should go back after coming a long way till here? NO!”

The three friends went inside the forest a bit. “I think we must put up the tent here” said Shishir. Now they were in middle of the forest. They decided to be there till they leave the place. After some days, when they wanted to hunt, all the three of them went together as a team.

But as they went, they saw that some dead people were there. A huge amount of them. All of them were surprised at the size of the humans.

There was a man in the middle, crying. He was dressed as king. Shishir asked “Who are you and why are you crying?” The man said “The people and I, who are my size, are called the “Enormous Ants”. I am crying because the Kingdom of a Snake lives near the Bermuda triangle. He comes from the sea to our island. He is looking for an artefact which is only found here. He needs it to suck the power of it and rule the whole world. He has already conquered the Bermuda triangle which is why it is destroyed. He calls himself a serpent. He has an infinity army of poisonous snakes. He is going to wage a war after a week and I have only 300 soldiers” said the King. The three friends decided to help him. Shishir said, “We cant’t defeat him in the war. We must kill him before the war.” All of them accepted.

It took six days for preparations for the mission. The seventh day was the war. Suhas was sent to kill the Serpent. Luckily, Suhas found the Serpent with his powerful magic wand. Suhas had a knife and a rocket launcher. As the Serpent came from the shore he tried to kill him by pushing the knife through him. He was alive but not able to move. Suhas stepped a bit far and screamed and shot his rocket launcher saying “Asthala – bistha -BOOOOOM!!!!” Suhas shot the serpent and killed him. He said this to the King of the team “ Enormous Ants”. He could not control his happiness and jumped up and down.

The three friends sighed and happily left the island of forest. They brought happiness to them. The island of “Enormous Ants” was filled with harmony, peace, happiness and good kingship forever.

Written by Akash, STD VI. 

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The True Murderers

“What are you doing there? Wait! Wait!” says a cop to two members. But why is he shouting at them? Come, let’s go and have a look. We see a dead body of a man. He  is completely bloody. His face is scratched. We can see the finger marks. We can see only the ear and some hair and half his face. It was arduous to recognise who the man was. But who killed him, was it the two members who were standing here, but who is it? We will examine this.

I am Remo and this my friend Daru Darling. We are good friends. We love adventures. We have solved many adventures. And now we are looking forward to finding out about this murder, taking it has an adventure.

“Daru Darling quick!” I told friend. We came to the spot where the murder man was or where the man was murdered. But he wasn’t there. “Where is he Remo?” asked Daru impatiently. “Be calm we can find him and we will!” I told him. Daru said- “But how”, I- “Wait and see Darling”. There were a lot of drops of blood. Darling and I started tracking the blood drops and it went into a forest. “Darling quick. Look at this”- said I. “What is special in this? It’s just the end of blood and there are some car wheels’ prints, yeah car wheels!!!!!!”- said Daru excitedly. “You TUBELIGHT. I meant that!!”- said I. “Ok! Ok!”- said Daru.

“Come let’s track it.” said Daru. “But- but we must first get ready to take up the risk of danger no Darling” said I. “I have some weapons, look!” said Daru. “Pah! You have used your big brains at least now. Great!!!” said I. “Quick it’s getting late! Quick!” said Daru. “It’s already late Darling!” said I. “Ok then tomorrow early in the morning we have to come here and inspect.” said Daru. “I see you’re extremely fascinated by this murder case. Aren’t you?” said I. “Are you kidding? You know that we LOVE adventures, don’t you? Ok come let’s go home.” said Daru. Both of us went home and had a good sleep.

Around 12:00am I heard something creak. I woke up. I saw someone of Darling’s height. He was afraid of something, I knew it only by his speed of walking. He walked so fast that I was not able to see clearly who was it but I could guess that he was only a man!!!! But who is he, “Daru Darling wake up and look!!!!!” said I. But Daru did not wake up. What is the man doing around here? He looked at our home and started running. But why at our home? What is going on? I was not able wake Daru up. He was fast asleep. I did not wait for a long time, I picked up my mobile phone and started following that strange man.

He walked for a long time and finally stopped. He looked around and started rubbing something on the ground. I looked around me to see where I was. I was inside the forest, inside the forest where we saw the blood drops and car wheels’ prints. Is this man a spy? Does he know about our inspection? But, how? There is someone around signalling in the forest.

I stayed there in the forest, till the morning, thinking that I might forget the route because the forest goes into different routes in the beginning, from the one we had used in the morning. I was not able to sleep that night, being afraid of another spy. Almost early the morning, I called Daru Darling and informed what had happened last night. He came as soon as possible and saw that the marks were all gone. We started walking in only in one direction, just straight, only because there was no other route for a four-wheeled vehicle to travel. We were really tensed about where the route would come up to.

To our surprise it led to our home. We had not anticipated that the way would lead to our own house. “But how to our home it’s all something to do with that man whom you saw last night. “Yeah! Look over there. A huge man standing there?” asked I. “Do I know it? I have been with you from this morning! How will I know it?” said Daru with a red face.

“Cool Darling cool!” said I. We went and stood in front of the huge man. He was taller than Daru. He was not the one whom I saw. That man was different from this man. Then suddenly, by the time I could finish thinking that huge man pushed us down, he was so strong. He was just like a bodyguard of a film star. When we stood back again, he pushed us back again. Suddenly he picked us up and said sorry. “Sorry MASTER, sorry did it hurt you?” said the man. “MA- MAS- MASTER?” said Daru looking at me very scared. I was shocked. DARU- MASTER- THE MAN, what’s the link. Then the man with no one’s suggestion opened the door. It smelled very gross. It was the murdered man here in our house, it’s impossible. “Who put him here?” I yelled.

       “It was my MA-MAS-MASTER” said the man. “You… cheater. I trusted you very much and now you have broken your trust. You…. cheater!!!” Said I angrily. “Yes, girl I murdered him, and now he is here” said Daru. I took a spade out and went forward to hit him. But the man came in between and held the spade. I used my leg with which I kicked him back. I punched Daru. He came to punch me but bad luck since I knew KARATE. Daru was purple and blue for doing such a thing. He ran away. When we were had been fighting the huge man had dug a pit and had buried the dead body there. I did not get a chance to see who the dead man was. But before I asked the huge man, he also ran away with his MASTER, Daru.

I was extremely tired. I went home, had a hot bath and switched on the television to see the news. To my shock there was this news “TAMIL ACTOR SIVAKARTHIKEYAN IS MISSING. IF YOU COME ACROSS HIM, CALL 9535449976.” I cried a lot. He is my best hero. I wanted to meet him at least once on my life. It’s all bad news for me. SK- SK where on earth are you?

When I said this, there was the bell ringing loudly. I went and opened it crying, thinking that it was Daru, but it was- it was SIVAKARTHIKEYAN out there. I was surprised and was speechless. I stopped crying. Then there was my phone ringing, I picked it up, it was Daru. He said that he had murdered SK. It was silly! I said that SK was with me. I said that he was mad and kept the phone.

SK confessed that he was only the soul. He said that he was truly murdered by Daru. I was shocked. But how can I one see one’s soul? SK said that it was all to do with my love for SK. I was surprised to hear that I was only the one to love SK or any other actor in this world. I lived a happy life with SK’s soul. He helped me win medals by tricks and made me get a job. He was with me until my death. Even after my death we were friends as souls. Till now we don’t know where on earth Daru Darling is. I must thank him for killing SK. If he had not killed SK then he wouldn’t have met me and we wouldn’t have been true friends. Thank you very much Daru Darling.

Written by Shalini, STD VII. 

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The Happy Elephant

Once upon a time there lived a baby elephant named Rohit. It did not have any friends and it lived in a forest called Bandipur forest. One day, it was searching for food. Suddenly, there was a lake and Rohit fell into the lake! Rohit said, “Save me, save me, save me!”

One rabbit saw it and said “I should save this elephant. It is in trouble.” The rabbit ran to another female elephant to take out Rohit from the lake. The rabbit reached the female elephant and said, “A baby elephant fell into the lake!” The female elephant ran to the baby elephant and took it out. After the elephant came out, it said to the two animals, “I am obliged to you for saving me.” The female elephant and the rabbit said, “Its okay elephant.” Rohit and the two animals left.

Rohit went to its shelter. It was night and Rohit slept. During the night, it started raining heavily and Rohit’s shelter broke into small pieces. Rohit got up and went under the tree to sleep. In the morning, Rohit had a fever and it fell down. It said slowly and softly, “I need food, food, food, food, food…” A monkey saw it and said “The baby elephant has a fever. I should give it some bananas and stay till it is okay.” The monkey went and brought bananas for Rohit. Rohit said, “I am obliged to you monkey for bringing me bananas.” The monkey said “Its okay and what is your name?” Rohit said, “My name is Rohit.”

After this Rohit, the monkey and the rabbit became friends and went out to see the forest. It was evening when they went to the lake and sat down. Rohit said, “Rabbit, monkey, can you be friends with me?” They said yes. All the animals saw this and felt jealous. After this all the animals in the forest became friends with Rohit and Rohit lived happily.

Written by Ganesh, STD III.

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The Magic Stone

Once upon a time in Bangalore, there was a man named Prakash. He was a genius in making robots and he could make very difficult robots. He had a book that helped him make different kinds of robots and powerful stones.

One day when he was going to the shop, he saw something lying on the ground. He took it and recognised that it was a robot. He took the vegetables from the shop and the robot also. When he reached home, he saw that a circle stone can fit inside it. He said, “Oh, I have this stone. Whoever made this robot must have had patience because every part is nicely fixed. Let me fix the stone and see what happens.”

When he fixed it, a green light came out of it and suddenly the robot opened its eyes! Prakash got scared! The robot said in fear, “Where am I? On which planet am I? How am I here?” Prakash said “Cool down you robot. I will not hurt you.” The robot replied, “I am not a robot. I am a lion of Luxy planet. Luxy planet is very far from this planet and it is very beautiful. It was full of animals. But not now because an asteroid crashed and so many aliens came out of it. They are so powerful that all the animals do what the aliens say. Please help me. By the way, I am Snapy.” Prakash introduced himself. He said, “Okay I will help you, but let’s go tomorrow because it is already evening.”

The next day Prakash packed all his gadgets and was ready to go to Luxy planet. Snapy said, “Prakash please fix a seast stone inside me. Seast stones are made up of six counches and they are very powerful.” Prakash fixed it and suddenly Snapy became very big. Snapy said, “Prakash sit on me. I will take you. I came like this to Earth in one jump. Did you take your oxygen cylinder?” He said “Yes.” He sat on Snapy and in ten seconds they reached.

Prakash was very happy to see the scenery of the planet. Suddenly, the aliens attacked but no one was hurt. Snapy also attacked their spaceship and it got damaged. Prakash said “Very good Snapy!” Snapy said “Thank you.” The alien’s ship was broken. The alien’s leader said “Oh, a human came. Now you can’t go back.” Prakash said “Snapy scratch him!” The alien’s leader said “Go Fiery!” They both started fighting. Snapy said, “Prakash, mix the four seast together. It is very powerful.” He mixed them and put them inside Snapy. It became very powerful and he jumped on it. Snapy saw the seast and broke it. Fiery became small and the aliens lost the match.

Prakash said “Yes! We won! No what will you do aliens?” The aliens were very sad and they suddenly vanished. After a minute, Prakash felt like someone was pulling him and someone put him inside a prison. Snapy was outside the prison and it became small. After two minutes, the aliens appeared. They said “Ha ha! At last you came into the prison. You be there only.” After an hour, Prakash understood that the aliens only put him inside prison. When he was drinking hot water, accidentally, the water spilt on the rod and it melted. Praksh said “Wow! It melted! I think this planet is made of ice.”

He came outside and the aliens were spellbound. Prakash said, “This planet is made of ice. That’s how I came out of prison. Snapy, take the seast stone!” Snapy grew big and was very angry. It threw a fireball and everybody exploded except their leader. The leader said, “Human, if I am born one more time, I will not leave you.” He also exploded. Now there were no aliens on Luxy planet.

Prakash planned to stay on the planet for two days. Prakash and Snapy played and enjoyed for two days. Afterwards, in the morning, Prakash said, “Snapy, it’s time to go.” Snapy was very sad and he dropped him to Earth. After this, Prakash always loved Snapy.

Written by Raghav, STD III.